Year 6

Friday 24th April

Well, you made it to the end of the week! After two weeks off, that might have been a challenge for some of you! I have managed to call nearly everyone this week. It has been so lovely speaking to your parents and even some of you, although I am sure you don’t think the same!

Your tasks for today are:

English –continue using the Talk4Writing booklet found at

Activity 7 from Talk4Writing booklet – Grammar & Sentence work: a). Pattern of 3 actions b). Semicolon use c). Adverbs

Activity 8 – ‘Through the eyes of a character’: short piece of descriptive writing – I would love to see a copy of this

Next week – Activity 9 & 10 – planning and writing your own story


Angles in quadrilaterals – Whiterose week beginning (summer term week 2) 27th April Lesson 1. You might have to click on the - sign (found next to week beginning 20th April) to add on the next week’s work.

This work from the CGP books will reinforce your learning on angles in quadrilaterals. 1   2   Answers

Challenge activity:Nrich – make sure you read the problem fully before attempting to solve. Both can be done online

Geography – Do you know what a compass point is? Have a go at this activity, using compass directions to move around a map. Perhaps you could draw a map like this yourself. Make sure you know the answers before you ask a member of your family to work them out.

Compass activity

Have a good weekend

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good morning Year 6, welcome to another day in quarantine! Have you been adding to your diary? What was different about yesterday to the previous day?
Did anyone take a look at the BBC Bitesize stuff? What do you think?
I managed to call a few of your parents yesterday; it was nice to find out how you are all doing. Some parents mentioned that they were finding it difficult trying to get you to work! This work is not compulsory (as I keep saying) BUT it is important for your mental health to keep to a routine, even if it is just in the mornings. This routine should consist of exercise, some Maths and English and NOT your consoles/phones/electronic devices all day.
I know there are lots of you accessing the work I have been setting, completing it and some even sharing it with me via email–so thank you for your hard work.
Today’s daily tasks:
English – I am assuming that, if you have been following the daily tasks, you are up to Activity 4 Idioms (Year 6 Doors booklet). Please continue with this task – where you have to work out the meanings of the idioms
Activity 5 – Read ‘The Door’ by Miroslav Holub. Answer the questions on the poem
Activity 6 – Comprehension based on ‘The Sow-Walker’s son’
Maths – Use this session to catch up with the previously set tasks on angles.
Make sure that you have a good understanding on how to find the angles in a triangle. Do you know how to find missing angles? Tomorrow, I will be asking you move onto angles in a quadrilateral and regular polygons.
This is the overview for the unit of work of angles and what we would have been working through in class:
Measure with a protractor – Introduce angles – Calculate angles – Vertically opposite angles – Angles in a triangle (special cases and missing angles) – Angles in a quadrilaterals – Angles in regular polygon – Draw shapes accurately – Draw nets of 3D shapes.
If you are caught up, use this time to have a look at the BBC Bitesize website -
Geography – How about something different today? Can you confidently name countries and continents?
Try not to use the internet, until you are checking your answers.
Continents     Countries of the world     Countries of Europe

Science - If you have not tried any of the investigations yet, why not give one a go! Look back to Monday 20th April and choose one. Or I have uploaded some more here:

Fireworks in a glass   Sundial

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hello Year 6, I hope you are enjoying the warm weather. I am in school this week and, as well as working with the children that are in school, I am endeavouring to call some of you – just to catch up and make sure you are all happy and healthy.

I noticed that ‘Wonder’ is on Film 4 tonight at 6:45pm. I will be setting some work on this book in the next couple of weeks, so it might help if you are able to watch it. I have also found an online copy of the text, so you could finish reading it. As a class, we got up to the chapter entitled ‘Letters, Emails, Facebook, Texts’ (p160) –

Also, just to let you know, if you haven’t already seen it, BBC Bitesize are showing videos and uploading activities on a daily basis. I have looked at some and think they are great for revision purposes. For example, this week they are covering: rounding numbers and decimals and negative numbers in Maths and in English: nouns, pronouns and adjectives. Have a look yourself. What do you think?

If you still haven't tried a science investigation, go to Monday 20th and click on a chosen experiment to try.

Daily tasks are as follows:

English – Continue with the tasks set within the Talk4Writing pack: Doors – the world of possibility. (Year 6 Unit)

Activity 1 – Make a list of the things you are missing – You may have started this yesterday

Activity 2 – Use the list created in activity 1 to write a Poem, based on ‘The Magic box’. Wagolls shared in the booklet; you may have completed this yesterday, if so, please share your finished poems.

Activity 3 – Artistic challenge – design a door.

If you have completed all of these tasks already, please continue with the next tasks in the booklet.

Maths –Continue with the next WhiteRose lesson (3) Angles in a Triangle (special cases)

Extension – CGP pages. Angles in shapes 1  2  Answers   Angles in shapes 3  4 5  Answers  (I am sorry, I have tried everything to make these the right way round but for some reason they keep uploading the wrong way! I really am not very technically minded, as you can probably tell!)

If you are struggling with angles – why not try the BBC Bitesize website and the revision maths lessons?

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning Year 6. How was yesterday? If you struggled with some of the work because you haven't done anything for two weeks, please don't worry, build up to it, if needed. Did you manage to try a science experiment? I know some of you did, so well done. Maybe, have a go at another one. If you have been planting seeds over the last few weeks, remember that this is also science, so you could write about this as part of your science work. I have been busy planting seeds in my vegetable patch and am excited to see if they grow into anything (fingers crossed).

English daily task - I have found a brilliant unit plan for Reading and Writing from Talk4Writing and I would like you to have a go at the activities. This will probably take you until the end of the week. Give it a try and let me know what you think. There are two plans - the second one is slightly more challenging.  Please click on the link and decide which unit (6 or 6,7 & 8). Please write your answers in your books. You don't need to print off the booklet, just work through each activity at a time.

I only received four book reviews yesterday and would like a few more (at least) before I upload them onto the class webpage...please!

Maths daily task - Please continue with the WhiteRose lessons - Lesson 2 Angles in a Triangle. 

Extension - Target Your Maths page 21   Answers   Level Up maths pagePage 2   Answers

If all of this is too much - just spend some time on TT Rockstars. If you have read the news stories on the homepage, you will see some changes to the leaderboard

Monday 20th April 2020

Well, hello again Year 6, welcome to the Summer Term! How are you all? Have you been in contact with friends and family over the 'Easter break'? Has the novelty of being at home worn off yet?I have had a lovely break, helped by the nice(ish) weather, although I did continue to home school my boys! We had a good routine going and I didn't want to spoil it! We are entering our fifth week of being at home now and still no idea of when we will be returning, I hope you have had a break (of sorts!) and now are ready to get back into your learning routine. 

Remember to continue adding to your personal diary. I look forward to reading these when we school reopens.

Your daily tasks for today are:

English - Over the last few weeks I have been in awe of Captain Tom Moore, who has raised (as of sunday evening) more than 21 million pounds for NHS charities, by walking around his garden. What an amazing man?! Please answer this comprehension, the answers are at the back. Next, I would like you to write your own newspaper report on the achievements of this man, using the example given on the Twinkl worksheet.

I am hoping that you have reading lots since you have been at home. I have had a few recommendations, but I would like you all to write/type at least one book review and email it to me so that I can upload it onto our class page.

Maths - Vertically opposite angles - Whiterose home learning followed by the extension task (answers are found here). Want a challenge? Try this.

Science - I would like you to attempt a science investigation this week. Below you will find several to choose at least one from (you might want to do all of them!) Please ensure you write up your investigation, paying particularly attention to your results; remember, you could take photos as evidence.

Design and Test a parachute   Dissolving sugar at different heats   Gravity free water

How does a torch work?          How does an ice cube melt?            Make an egg float in salty water