Year 6

Friday 1st May 2020

I came across this quote and it made me think of you all.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters” – Epictetus.

How are you coping with everything? Are you talking or writing about your feelings? Take a moment to pat yourself on the back to congratulate yourself on how great you have been – the fact that you are reading this, means that you have been accessing my messages and the work I have been setting. You have been getting on with life as best as you can and emailing me where possible to show the work you have been doing. Thank you!

I hope you have a restful weekend and, fingers crossed, we hear some positive news about returning to school next week.

Today’s tasks are:

English – Today, I would like you to choose two or three of these questions (more if you like) to answer. Give lots of detail and where possible find evidence in the text to support your answers.

1). “You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out” – what does this mean?

2). How does Via feel about her brother?

3). If you were asked to ‘befriend’ August, how would you react?

4). How is a tense atmosphere created between August and Julian in the drama auditorium? (During the tour of the school)

5). Why does Jack punch Julian?

6). What lessons do we, as readers, learn from ‘Wonder’?

7). What themes run through ‘Wonder’? (Eg Friendship, Family, Appearances)

8). Who is your favourite character? Why?

9). What age group would you recommend this book to?

10). Write a book review on ‘Wonder’

 Maths –  Make some 3d shapes. You will have to print off these in order to construct them. If you are unable to print them off. Look through each shape and try to visual what it would look like when built. You could try drawing some nets and their 3D shapes, use a ruler if possible.

Nrich challenge


 Science – Our science topic this term should be Properties and Changes. This is the powerpoint I would have shown you in class which introduces different materials and their properties.

 Have a go at these tasks - Activity 1  Activity 2  Activity 3

By all means, you can complete your own research into this topic.

Thursday 30th April

 Wow! I have received lots work this week, all demonstrates how hard you’ve been working – so a massive 'well done' from me.

I have been in contact with some secondary schools in relation to your transitions, I asked about the types of skills it would be helpful for year 6s to be doing in preparation for secondary school. Obviously, I am very hopeful that we will be back at Ladbrooke to work through the list I have been collating, but the music lesson yesterday was one of the items. The ability to send an email, adding an attachment is also one of the suggestions from secondary school teachers – the majority of you have clearly demonstrated that you can do this through your regular contact with me. Other ICT items include: Name a file, Copy a file, File in a folder and Crop an image. Maybe this is something you could be working on a home.

Your daily tasks are:

English – Yesterday I asked you to finish reading ‘Wonder’. Today, I would like you to work through these comprehension questions. Answer in your books please.

Maths – 3D nets. Follow the powerpoint which introduces nets of 3D shapes and then have a go at some of the activities. If you are still unsure on nets after going through the activities below, you may have to complete some of your own research. There are lots of introductory and mastery powerpoints for this mathematical topic, all that are too big to upload onto the school website though!

Powerpoint   Activity 1   Activity 2  Activity 3

Challenge nets

CGP book pages 1 2 answers 1  2

Level up pages 1 2 answers

Art – Art in Lockdown. I would like you to draw /paint/collage something in your home that defines your lockdown. For example, a self-portrait of your mood (remember your work with Mrs Corke on self-portraits), rainbow painting/collage, your view from your window, photo collage of family/friends you are missing.

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good morning Year 6, thank you very much for the many emails I received yesterday with lots of excellent work attached. I was particularly pleased to read your finished portal stories from your Talk4Writing work; the description you used continues to be brilliant – well done.

I have been hearing that some of you are struggling with the amount I am setting – please remember to choose an activity and just do what you can. Remember anything is always better than nothing!

The weather hasn’t been so great so far this week, I am guessing that this is making home learning a bit easier, in that, there’s nothing else to do!

Here are your daily tasks:

English – Last week, I put a link on to a free download of our class book ‘Wonder’. I know that lots of you have a hard copy at home, have already read the book and maybe have watched the film. Today, I would like you to finish reading ‘Wonder’ or recap by skimming though the book again. Tomorrow, I will be giving some comprehension questions relating to this text.

Maths – Today, I would like you to complete a BBC Bitesize Maths task. I really like this website for your revision across the curriculum. On the 27th April the lesson was multi-step addition and subtraction problems, which would, for some, be a great revision. The 28th was short and long multiplication and the today's is factors, multiples and prime numbers. If not, look further back and choose another lesson you would like to go over.

Also, I have been sent another maths website which I think would be really useful as a revision tool. It is the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, otherwise known as NCTEM. Here, you can find video lessons for primary aged children. Currently, they are going over fractions, which, again for some, could be a useful revision tool. There are also videos for parents here as well.

Please don’t stress over the amount I have included here, I just want to make sure that everyone is catered for with their maths needs. Pick and choose what you want to go over.

Music- For this lesson, I would like you to listen to some music (of my choice) and write down how you feel about it. Make sure you listen all the way through. Note down what instruments you can hear and how the music makes you feel. Click on the link and begin listening. Here you will find music from the great classical composers, such as Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Gershwin, Handel, Holst, Mozart and Tchaikovsky (as well as many more). Please try and listen to them all.

Where possible listen to the whole duration of the music before answering the following questions in your books:

  • Have I heard this before?
  • What instruments can I hear?
  • How does this music make me feel?
  • What does the music remind me of?
  • What comes to mind when I am listening to this music?
  • How similar/different are the composers?

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning Year 6, I hope you are all well. Even though I am not in school this week, please don’t think I am not working; like your parents, I am teaching my children, cooking, cleaning and also working but mainly trying to keep myself sane. I think that you should all stop what you are doing (reading this message), now go and tell your parent/s what a great job they are doing and to thank them.

Thank you to those who have emailed me their work recently. I particularly enjoyed the criminal factfiles - lots of interesting criminals who I had not heard of (with several of them, I was quite pleased not to know anything about them!). Also the first drafts of your stories from English, some baking recounts (loved the chocolate cheerio cakes!) and some more book reviews to add to the above article.

Ok, back to business. Today’s tasks are:

English – Hopefully, yesterday you write your first draft of your own story from the Talk4Writing booklet Today, I would like you to edit this draft and make it better. Use the year 6 writing standards to help you produce the best story you can. Now, rewrite/retype your story. Please attach this document to an email and send it to me, I would love to read your stories.

Maths – We have finished angles now. Hopefully, you are feeling fairly confident with angles now. If not, don't worry, when (fingers crossed) we return to school, we will definitely go over these objectives, especially those involving constructing angles, I know that some of you have not got protractors at home and so struggled with that learning. Please go over this shapes review, from Target your Maths. 1  2  answer 1 answer 2

French – Madame Elena has sent the teachers a link to a website which contains videos to help you with your French conversation, including introducing yourself, saying how you feel and a trip to the supermarket as well as practice with your counting and alphabet. Click on the link and give a go. You will have to go to the bottom of the home page and find the 'Primary French' link.

Monday 27th April

Hello my lockdown learners, this is week 6 of quarantine! I’m not really sure what day of the week it is, as they all seem to merge into one! I decided at the weekend that I needed to be more positive about the situation and so every day I am writing down three different things that I am grateful for. Maybe you could do the same.

Your tasks for today are as follows:

English – Talk4Writing lesson Activities 9 & 10 Planning and Writing a story

Tomorrow you will be editing, improving and rewriting this first draft.

Maths – Angles in regular polygons (lesson 2)

Topic – This term we should have started our new topic ‘Crime and Punishment’. To kick start this, I would like you to research a well-known criminal. Put together a factfile about this person to share via email. I will choose a selection to upload on the class webpage.


  • Remember to keep up with Rockstars.
  • If you have finished reading a good book and you want to share – write a book review and email it to me
  • Keep adding to your diary (if you are writing one)
  • If you have been doing any baking, you might want to share recipes and photos. I hope this has helped your measuring and weighing skills. Maybe we have some new-found budding bakers and chefs amongst us.
  • Keep smiling