Year 6

Monday 11th May 2020

Hello again Year 6, I hope you had a lovely weekend, enjoying the beautiful weather (not so much on Sunday though!). I celebrated VE day with a little street party, socially distancing of course, and spent most of the weekend in the garden with my family. For a while there, I almost forgot what was happening in the world.

I am sure you either watched or your parents have informed you about the Prime Minister's statement last night. He mentioned that there may be a possibility of Year 6 returning on June 1st. This sounds like good news, but we will need to know how this is going to work in real, social distancing, life. When we find out more about what this means, we will let you know. 

Today, I, like you, would have been (slightly!) stressing about SATs starting! We would have welcomed you all in for breakfast club and try to alleviate any of those stresses. But for now, we are at home, relatively stress-free and learning through our laptops. 

Mr Ward has asked me to let you know that he has set up a battle with Year 5 in Rockstars, so if you haven't already, get battling please. You have until Thursday to win!

As I said last week, I will be uploading activities for you to do this week, but they will be much more relaxed. If you want more, remember you could always be completing activities in your packs sent home or looking through any of the links I put up way back in March (they can be found at the bottom of this page, underneath all of the daily tasks). Our science topic is Properties and Change, so you could be researching this - there is lots on the internet, most of which is too big to upload onto this site. Note down anything you find into your books to use later.

Today's tasks:

Silly Sats - Maths Reasoning   Reading comprehension   Please write your answers in your books, you do not need to print these off.

* Updated - was made aware about a page that had missing names on it (sorry and thank you). Have updated the page and reloaded.

DingbatsHave a go     answers

Thursday 7th May 2020

Hello again Year 6, I hope you have been working hard but also enjoying the lovely warm weather that has returned. Once again, thank you all for working so hard. I am hoping that we will hear about the possible return to school in the Prime Minister's press conference as some point this week. We are all watching everyday to find out what lifting the lockdown will mean for schools. As soon as we know, you will know. Hopefully, it won't be too much longer, but who knows! Not me! 

As I said yesterday, I will not be setting any work for Friday, as it isa  bank holiday and I am going to enjoy the sun in my garden. I hope you do something nice. 

Stay safe year 6. I will be updating the website on Monday.

Today's tasks are:

English – Grammar

This link will take you to 'Summer Term Week 3'. But if you notice in right corner, there is an option to change the week. Click on the pull down tab and select 'Week 1'. Choose the Year 6 pack and download. Now, go to pages 6-7-8 and complete work on relative clauses, modal verbs and adverbs. If this doesn’t take very long go, to Week 2, download the Year 6 pack and complete work on pages 11 and 12 on semi-colons, colons and hyphens.

MathsFind the Mean. The mean or average of a set of data is the total divided by the number of items in the set.

Example –   The number of hours worked by a plumber each day: 11 8 5 9 6 10 7 9 4 6   Total hours = 75 hours No. of days = 10 Mean = 7.5 hours (75 ÷ 10)

Target your maths page 1   page 2 answers

Level up page 1   page 2 answers

Tomorrow is VE day.

Find out about VE day – what is it? Why is it celebrated? What is so important this year?

Activity 1   Activity 2   Activity 3

Wednesday 6th May 2020 

Thank you so much to the children and/or parents who have been sending me through the work you have been doing this week. I reallly enjoy reading your work and finding out what you've been up to. There was some very interesting topics written about, including home-schooling, which is topical, as this is something happening to you all now!   


  • Keep up with your diary
  • Don’t’ forget Rockstars – have you got any quicker?
  • This Friday is VE day and so a bank holiday. I will not be setting any work, but would like you to research what VE day is.
  • Maybe make and put up your own bunting.
  • Next week would have been SATs week – instead of our usual English and Maths, I will be setting some more creative activities.
  • The week after would have been Art week in school, so Miss Webster will be setting some interesting art activities for you to choose and complete.

Your daily tasks for today are as follows:

English - Please complete the Grammar type tasks at the back of the Classroom Secrets (Year 6 Week 3) home learning pack. Download and go to p11 which should be The Great Fire of London poetry, please answer the questions about the different types of poem in your books.

Maths - Please complete a revision lesson from the BBC bitesize website. This week there are a few fraction lessons, which would be good for you to revise.

Science - What is the difference between solids, liquids and gases? BBC Bitesize Demonstrate this through diagrams and description.

Tuesday 5th May 2020

English - Edit and Improve your first draft on your argument. I had several emailed to me yesterday - thank you. Today, really look at that Must, Should, Could criteria (find link in yesterday's learning) and the Year 6 Writing Standards (find link in Tuesday 28th April) to ensure you have written the best piece of writing you can.

Maths – Circles - continue with your learning from yesterday. Try a challenging question if you have completed the other tasks.

I am sorry that you were initally unable to see the Target your Maths book work pages. Hopefully, I was able to improve that and now you can see the questions. BBC Bitesize have got some revision work on Circles.

Assessment - do you know what the Circumference of a circle is? Radius? Diameter? Do you know how to find these things?

Topic – Look back through your research from yesterday. Today, list these differences and similarities or put them into a passage of writing to present your findings from research completed. Some of you may have researched and written/typed up your findings already. If you have, consider how crime is punished in modern Britain and compare that those periods studied yesterday.

Monday 4th May 2020

Thank you to those of you who emailed me through your writing work from the Talk4Writing task. Your portal stories were excellent, full of description and well-chosen vocabulary. I hope you enjoyed this task.

English – I have often wondered why on earth they put the plastic coverings over the rubbers we use in class. Not only are they a pain to take off, I personally feel that it is an unnecessary use of plastic. I should use this time to write a letter to the company arguing reasons against the use of this plastic. For your English task today, I would like you to choose an argument of your choice, plan and write your first draft. Decide yourself whether you want to make it balanced or not!

Follow the Must, Should, Could criteria for this task.

Here are some ideas, if you can’t think of any:

  • Plastic covering on rubbers
  • Being quarantined
  • Use of electronic devices
  • Home-schooling

* Updated - I know you have had issues with the book work pages- they have been blurry. I am working from home so using my phone to take photos, so they are not the best quality. I have tried to take the photos again but they are refusing to reorientate, so they are upside down! sorry Also the level up page 1 is staying it is too large - it didn't do this for the others. I haven't been able to upload that one but the others should be better (fingers crossed).

Maths - These activities are for today and tomorrow, so don't feel like you have to do them all today, or even have to do all of them at all. Pleasse try to do at least one so that you have an understanding of circumference, radious and diameter

Part of a circle activity 1.       Introduction    Part of a circle activity 1   Cut out and find activity

Target your maths book activities page 1 page 2  answers

Level up challlenge book cactivities page 1  page 2  answers  

Topic – Research how crime was punished during the Anglo Saxon, Roman Britain and Tudor periods. (Tomorrow - Compare differences and similarities found)