Year 2

Thursday 2nd April

MC grammar live link is below


I hope that I have  better luck putting the work on here today. 

I have combined Thursday and Friday's English onto one sheet. 

For maths I would like you to use the Whiterose lessons that I linked on Tuesday 31st. If you haven't started them yet, just go to Week 1 and the first lesson. If you have already done the first lessons, then do the next lesson. I think these lessons are good because they teach you what to do as well as giving you work to practise. We have already covered these objectives in Year 2 but it is worth going over it again as fractions are an important part of maths and if you understand fully now it will be much easier as you go into Year 3.

English for Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd April

I would love to see some of your writing when you have done it. I think this is a funny picture and I might even have a go at writing about it myself this time. 

Just before I go...did you know that Otto has now got a new baby sister? Now there are two people in the class with new babies in their families, Sam and Otto. I think they are going to be extra busy helping their mums and dads with the babies. 

Wednesday 1st April

MC Grammar alert!

For all those of you who have been struggling to open my grammar sheet let me tell you a much better place to look for a grammar lesson.

Look on YouTube for MC Grammar live

Today MC Grammar taught all about nouns - proper nouns, common nouns and pronouns. Have a look at it.

On Friday his live lesson is about adjectives. You can learn his grammar songs to help you before Friday's lesson.

It's well worth a watch. Tell all your family too. It's for all ages.

Oh dear! You must think I've been playing an April Fool's trick on you. I have not put the English link on properly. I am working on trying to fix it. In the meantime, I think the maths links work.

New activity for suffix -ness on April 1st

Today is April Fools day. See if you can catch out someone in your family with a trick...but hurry you are supposed to play the trick before mid day.

I can hardly believe that it is mid week already. I hope that you are all doing really well and enjoying spending a lot of time with your lovely families. 

Today's activities are in the link below.

Wednesday's work

If you want to try something different. I have heard that a funny teacher called MC Grammar is about to start doing daily You Tube lessons. Why not check them out. Let others know if they are good.


I'm sure that most of you will have finished your school reading book by now. If you lots of your own books you will have plenty to keep you busy with reading, but if not, I strongly recommend you read the ebooks at the following site.

You can register for the site and then you can access ebooks that are written for your age. The books also have some little activities that you can do. I have just read the story of Rumpelstiltskin which was one of my favourite stories when I was your age. But there are lots more to read there including non-fiction books.

Alphabet Challenge

I am also going to set an alphabet challenge each week. Write the alphabet in your home working book...then look for something that begins with each letter.

This week's challenge is to find the name of a tree for as many of the letters as you can. I'm guessing there won't be tree names beginning with x or even q but perhaps I'm wrong. Who can find tree names for most of the letters?

Tuesday 31st March

Hello everyone. I hope that you are all well. I have put a link with today's activities and also for some maths lessons you can use from Whiterose. These lessons look really helpful so please use them if you can. 

Tuesday's activities

Whiterose maths activities to use each day

I realise that not everybody will have access to a printer to print out work that has been set, so I'm searching for alternatives to help.

I have had a look at the classroom secrets website, You can join something called Classroom Secrets kids for free and access some online maths, English and history games which are directed at each year group. The maths seems to be mainly multiplication, and some of you might be better to look at the Y3 maths games if you are already confident with x10, x5 and x2 but the website is definitely worth a look. You have to register with the website so a bit of help from parents is needed to get going but it is all free.

Hope this helps

Mrs Trott

Spellings for Week2

Monday 30th March

Dear Year 2,

I hope that you are all feeling well. I have put a reading and maths activity here for you. Don't forget that you can do some different things if you cannot print these activities. You can use numbots or TT rockstars to practise your maths, you can do some writing with Jane Considine's 'Super sentence stackers' or you could even write a book review about a favourite story explaining who the characters were, summarising what happened and recommending the book to others. 

I liked seeing the stories that some of you had written about the Dinosaur in the sea last week. I hope that some more of you will send me pictures of your work this week.

Don't forget to use Joe Wicks P.E teacher or the Fitter Future workouts to get some exercise..

Keep smiling and having fun

Mrs Trott

Mondays English

Mondays maths

Friday 27th March

The link I put up yesterday ready for today disappeared so here it a little late today.

Friday's work