Year 2

Wednesday 6th May

We are already at the middle of the week. I hope that everyone is well. It looks like the next few days are going to be very warm. I'm going to try to do as much work as I can in the morning so that I can enjoy the sunshine in the afternoon. I wonder how you will organise your days.

You will find details of the maths and English at the beginning of this week as before. I will put a link to the reading material that you will need today and some geography activities that you can use on Wednesday and Thursday. These will give you some more information about the continent of South America. 

Hope your work goes well and that you have plenty of time to play.

Wednesday's reading

Geography for the rest of this week.

Hello Year 2,

I hope that you had a good Monday. Thank you to everyone who has sent me pictures of their work. It was lovely to see the things that you had done. 

You can find the English and maths task on the link from yesterday. I will also put a separate link with the reading materials you will need for Tuesday's English task. I haven't done the maths sheets separately again as I can see that they are still available on the whiterose website with the video lessons. You can get them from there.

Tuesday's reading material

I will put a link with a geography task to label some landscapes/seascapes from North America. You might also like to draw or paint a landscape that you really like.

Tuesday's geography material

Have a very good day

This week's English tasks

This week's Maths tasks

You should be able to access the lesson online. Look below each day for a link to the worksheets needed.

This week's spellings

Monday 4th May

Reading materials for Monday's English -Christopher Columbus

Questions to use with Whiterose maths May 4th Y2

Questions to use with Whiterose maths May 4th Y1

 I haven't set a topic task today but you might like to to do an art acitiviy based on Christopher Columbus' journey. Many of his sailors were scared because they believed the seas that they were sailing over had many dangerous sea monsters. What do you think these sea monsters might have looked like in their imaginations? 

Create a picture of an imaginary sea monster using whatever art or modelling equipment you would like. You can email them to me. I'd love to see them.

Friday 1st May

Hello again Year 2.

Well I hope the weather in May will be more like the beginning of April than the end. of April.  Soon we'll all need webbed feet like ducks if we go outside because it has rained so much.

Thank you for all the Mondrian pictures you have sent me this week, the writing and the topic work. I know for sure that some of you have been very busy. 

Today's English and maths work is all on Monday's sheet and I haven't set any new topic work today. 

I don't know if you noticed...this week's geography and art work was all about places in Europe...we are going to cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach a new continent next week. Do you know what that Continent is? (you might need to look back at your World map if you did it.)


If you are looking for ideas for something else to do this week, why not do some art work about ducks? could draw one, paint one, make a collage of one, even model one out of any modelling materials you have. Remember there are many different types of ducks so have a careful look at some photos of ducks first to get a good idea of the shapes and colours that you will need.

Have a lovely weekend, when this day is done. Look after yourselves and your families.

Thursday 30th April

Well yesterday was another rainy day. I don't know about you, but I found it easier to stay in and get some work done without the sun trying to pull me into a garden like a magnet.

I spent most of Wednesday working on some ideas for your English tasks next week and also some geography too. But first we have the rest of this week to do.

The English and Maths tasks are in Monday's links. I haven't added new geography for the next two days as there is more writing in English. 

If you haven't already done the tasks I set earlier in the week you could have a try at those. 

There's lots of other good ideas on the Twinkl home learning hub and daily lessons online...and different ones on TV iplayer to keep you busy and learning. 

Good luck everyone

Mrs Trott