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K-Nex Challenge April 30th 2019

Today, Year 5 and 6 participated in our annual K-Nex Challenge. The children were introduced to David, our technician, who introduced the task and judged the finished articles. The children worked together excellently to develop mechanical engineering skills, as well as teamwork, communication and problem solving in designing and creating their flying machines.

It was very close with the final scores, however our deserved winners were, Zac and Lena.

A huge 'well done' to all of the upper KS2 children, who were a credit to Ladbrooke School during the day.



 Stansted Airport March 2019

On Thursday 7th March 2019, Year 5 and 6 went to Stansted Airport for the day.

This was part of our topic on Flight and the children were able to apply their learning on this subject to a number of activities that they participated in.

We were fortunate enough to have a talk by a working pilot, Matt, who told us what it was like to fly.

The children saw different aeroplanes taking off and landing. The pilots and passengers waved to us as they taxied to the terminal.

We then heard from a Ranger, Nick, who told us all about his different roles and responsibilities.

The children's excellent questioning and behaviour was commented on by several of the adults who helped us today.

Well done Year 5 and 6, we hope you had a great day.





Class assembly 22nd November 2018

The Jabberwocky

Well done Year 6 for working so hard towards our assembly. Your excellent interpretation of the poem helped us to produce a puppet show which supported other children in their understanding.


 November 15th

Trip to the British Museum

Today Year 5 and 6 were able to use their knowledge and understanding developed in our Topic work, as they explored the galleries at the British Museum. They participated in an excellent workshop, enabling them to see how Historians and Archaeologists find out about Greek life. All the children behaved brilliantly, as always.



 October 2018

 Year 6 have been working extremely hard to further develop their writing skills in our English lessons. They have thought carefully about how to engage the reader and make their writing interesting. We used 'Alma' (Literacy Shed) to write a detailed narrative and demonstrated stamina when writing several pages!

Please come and look at our wonderful display of the children's writing.



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June 2018

On Tuesday 5th June, Year 5 and 6 participated in the K-Nex Challenge.

They used the K-nex to create a structure that would aid someone moving a large object from a garden to a lorry.

The children used their engineering and creativity skills, as well as their ability to working together to produce their final pieces.

March 2018

Year 6 have been working extremely hard on their crearive writing. We used a film entitled 'Alma' as our stimulus and thought carefully about what makes a good narrative.

The children worked hard on different sections of their narrative before combining all of their ideas together to produce one long piece of writing. They demonstrated stamina by writing for an hour solidly.

The children next used editing skills to improve and re-write their narrative.

Here are the finished pieces from a selecton of the children. Please feel free to come and read some more.





On Thursday 2nd November Year 5 and 6 visited the British Museum as part of their topic on the ancient Egyptians.

Although it was extremely busy, the children were able to see the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies and many other ancient Egyptian artefacts.

They participated in a workshop which focused on daily life in ancient Egypt.

To find out more abot our day, please read a sample of the recounts produced by the children.

Brooke      Joel     Nadirah     Daisy     Molly

On Tuesday Year 6 launched our Autumn Term Topic, 'The Ancient Egyptians', by mummifying oranges .

The children matched their actions with the oranges, with those of the processes involved in mummification.

It was an interesting (and messy!) way to see a little of what mummification must have been like.

Year 6 have written some wonderful recounts about their residential trip to Knapp House in Devon.

Please click on the child's name to read their work.

Please feel free to come into our class to read some of the other recounts that are in the children's literacy books.


Elliott    Erin   Katie   Lauren   Natasha   Pippa     Zoe