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Home Learning

Please find a link to Year Six's home learning booklet

Whilst at home over the next few weeks, please keep busy with some of the suggested activities within the class booklet. Ensure you complete some Maths and English each day. I will be setting a daily task on this page - this might be taken from the booklet or maybe in the form of an activity from one of the suggested websites.

During this time, I think it would be a great idea to write your own diary about all that has happened. This historic world event will be looked back on in years to come and you could create a resource that your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will read in wonder. I know it may seem like a confusing time right now, but this will pass and things will go back to some kind of normal, but to make sure we never forget it, write your thoughts and feelings down to look back on.


Please don't feel like you have to do the daily tasks, they are just suggested. It is much more important that you are happy and healthy. Sometimes, you might just want to colour! I know I do! I have found some mindfulness colouring (that need to be printed off) for those times when you want to keep busy, but don't really want to think about it.   1   2   3   4


*CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) have put together some resources at this time to support children who may be suffering with anxiety over the current (or other) situation/s. The link can be found here, where you will find videos, downloads, books, apps and website recommendations.


Book reviews

I hope you have been reading lots during this time. I love reading and am so pleased that I finally have the time to do so and in the garden as well, in between home schooling my boys of course!

Thank you to some of the class who have written reviews and emailed them to me so I can share. Have a read of them and see what books are being recommended.

Eren   Emma   George   Kenny   Mia  Mia  Ana  Adrian  Ben Yusra  Ella Eren Zakir pg1 pg1


Word searches

Sasha   Emma   Adrian   Zac  Kenny  Ana


Word Art

Eren  Emma Adrian Ben Tom Zac


Thursday 21st May

Good afternoon Year 6.

I hope you are enjoying this week's art activities, it certainly has been lovely weather to get out into nature. I have been sent some lovely examples of the work you've been doing, well done everyone. Mrs Petrou is putting something together that will show off all of your hard work, so look out for it on the website in the coming weeks. 

Next week it is half term, so I will not be setting any work for you and I do not expect you to do anything other than relax, read and enjoy the sun (hopefully). 

Mr Ward has set a football skills challenge on his class page that he has asked me to share with you. You could share a video of yourself doing some of the football skills by emailing Mr Ward - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Year 5 have already began to do this, click here to have a look at their videos and what the challenges are.

I, and all of the teachers, are back in school full time on Monday 1st June. I will continue to set home learning but, more than likely, upload a full week's worth of work on Monday, as I will be more limited on time to upload on a daily basis, as well as respond to emails - please be a little patient with me on this.

It would seem that lots of you will be returning for a couple of days a week, two weeks later, it will be lovely to see you. I have been busy trying to put you into groups, the main focus of these will be transition, but I will try, if possible, to put you with some friends as well. 

Any questions, don't hesitate to email.

Take care Year 6, thank you for working so hard at home.


Monday 18th - Friday 22nd May


Hello Year 6 - Did you have a good weekend? I spent it jet washing my patio, weeding, walking, cycling and reading, for me it was blissful...apart form my boys moaning when I took their devices away, moaning because they miss their grandparents, moaning because it was bedtime, moaning because I asked one to read to me, moaning because we had walked "too far" and just generally moaning! It's been one of those weekends!

The following has come from Miss Webster and Mrs Petrou about this week's work:

In school the week before May half term is always an art week and we see no reason for this to change this year.  For one week only your children will focus solely on art.  Please look at the document attached/below.  The children can choose to focus on one challenge or if they are feeling very arty they may attempt them all.  As it is half term next week and no work will be set during this week, they could spend two weeks on these projects.

The theme is Nature Around Us and the challenges are based on using things they may find on their walks around parks and in your gardens to create art.  We hope you will have a lot of fun.  

We would then love to have a gallery of the children's work displayed on the website. If you would like send a picture of your child holding their art work and tell us what their enjoyed most about this activity, you can email this to Mrs Petrou - ctheo@ladbrooke.herts.sch.uk

Please click here to see the Art Week Challenges

Don't forget - Rockstars. Sudoku. Crosswords. Work in packs. Book reviews. Homelearning links at bottom of the page. Maths, Reading, Writing support links at bottom of the page. Home skills activity grid from last week. Go back and complete any work you might not have been able before. Word searches. Word Art.

Remember, I am here for you to email at any point.




Friday 15th May 2020

Good morning Year 6, I hope you had a good day yesterday. I had some interesting questions emailed through to me! How did you get on answering the questions I set. Hopefully you learnt something whilst researching. Have any of you tried to answer Emma, Adrian or Eren's questions?

Remember, next week would have been Art Week at school and we would still like you to work on your artistic skills. I will be uploading the plan for the week on Monday and look forward to seeing what you produce.

Unfortunately, we lost the Rockstars Battle with Year 5  10,371  -  5153. But there was a big push today, the three main contributors were Kenny, Sasha and Ben but also playing were Kristian, Mack, Ella, Adrian, Emma, Tom and Issy - a big THANK YOU to you all.

Keep up with your Rockstars and your diaries (if you are still writing them!). How do you feel about the possibility of school opening, but things being very different to when you were last there?

Today, why not try:

Sudoku - Easy   Medium   Hard

Have a go at Adrian's homemade Sudoku

Cross Word - Sheet   Answers

You could also try someone's word search, make your own, make your own word art (look back to previous daily tasks to find out how to do this) or continue with the tasks on the grid uploaded on Tuesday. 


Thursday 14th May 2020

Hello Year 6, how are you all?

Thank you for continuing to send me through your activities of the day. In particular, I really enjoy seeing pictures of your daily tasks, whether it's using the washing machine, picking wild flowers to later draw, baking flapjacks, ordering old photographs or building dens. Well done to those of you who have learned a new skill and are helping out at home. 

I would like to see a few more word searches and word art please!


Rockstars Battle ends tomorrow. Currently, year 6 is losing! Year 5 9921  Year 6 2842! Come on Year 6! Thank you to Kenny, Kristian, Sasha, Ben, Ella, Emma, Issy and Adrian, who have been the other players in the battle for year 6.

Miss Webster sent an email asking you all to think about an image that would describe your time at Ladbrooke. This will hopefully be carved into wood for your Year 6 Leaver's Art Project. We would really like it if you could all contribute.

Have you finished reading a book recently? Why not write a review on it?

Have you had a go at someone else's word search? Emma's has all of your names in it! Can you find you own?


For today's task, I would like you to have a go at answering some (maybe all) of the questions below:

How long would it take to walk to the walk to the Artic circle? 

How old are you in hours and minutes?

Explain the origins of the Union Jack flag

How many times a day does your heart beat?

Where is the smallest bone in the body?

Which monarch has reigned the longest?

What is the name of the highest mountain in the world, where is it?

What is the world's most spoken language?

What is the best selling book of all time?

Can you think of an interesting question  that I can share with the class and they can try and answer?

Added by Adrian - How many hours until your next birthday?

Added by Eren - Is a dolphoin a fish?  How long would it take to walk to Mars?

Added by Emma - Which came first, the chicken or the egg? What fraction of the tallest peron in the world's heigh are you?

Added by Zac - What is the best selling board game?


Wednesday 13th May 2020

Hello Year 6. I received lots of lovely photos and writing about the types of things you got up to yesterday, including baking, making marble runs, wordsearches and making dens. It all looked so good, thank you for telling me all about your news. In particular, those who sent me some wordsearches, thank you but I am unable to sahre them becuase they came through too big. If you could type them, that woud be helpful.

I hope you are enjoying the different activities. I would like you to try a few more today.

I would also like you, if possible, to try some Wordart. This wordart should contain words that remind you of your experiences in lockdown. Here's mine. Try and do it in the shape of a house, because that it where we have spent most of our time. Here is the link to the website I used*, but if you want to use another or even draw your own one, please do. I would really like to see these.

* The website link will take you to a page with an example on it. If you go to 'word list' and click on each of the words in the example, you can add your own words. If you don't want to use the amount of words they have, click on the word and then delete it by clicking on the bin at the top. Hope this helps.

Have you been on Rockstars yet this week? The battle with year 5 is still on!


Tuesday 12th May 2020

Morning all. I hope you enjoyed yesterday's tasks. I was pleased to hear that some of you enjoyed the Dingbats; using it as a family game, was a wonderful idea that I heard from one person. 

Have you seen our teacher's messages to you all? It can be found on the homepage and is set to our school song. Let me know what you think. We really are missing you all.

Today, I would like you to choose one, two or three activities from the grid. Let me know what you choose, take pictures to show me what you did and how it turned out!

Activity grid


Monday 11th May 2020

Hello again Year 6, I hope you had a lovely weekend, enjoying the beautiful weather (not so much on Sunday though!). I celebrated VE day with a little street party, socially distancing of course, and spent most of the weekend in the garden with my family. For a while there, I almost forgot what was happening in the world.

I am sure you either watched or your parents have informed you about the Prime Minister's statement last night. He mentioned that there may be a possibility of Year 6 returning on June 1st. This sounds like good news, but we will need to know how this is going to work in real, social distancing, life. When we find out more about what this means, we will let you know. 

Today, I, like you, would have been (slightly!) stressing about SATs starting! We would have welcomed you all in for breakfast club and try to alleviate any of those stresses. But for now, we are at home, relatively stress-free and learning through our laptops. 

Mr Ward has asked me to let you know that he has set up a battle with Year 5 in Rockstars, so if you haven't already, get battling please. You have until Thursday to win!

As I said last week, I will be uploading activities for you to do this week, but they will be much more relaxed. If you want more, remember you could always be completing activities in your packs sent home or looking through any of the links I put up way back in March (they can be found at the bottom of this page, underneath all of the daily tasks). Our science topic is Properties and Change, so you could be researching this - there is lots on the internet, most of which is too big to upload onto this site. Note down anything you find into your books to use later.

Today's tasks:

Silly Sats - Maths Reasoning   Reading comprehension   Please write your answers in your books, you do not need to print these off.

* Updated - was made aware about a page that had missing names on it (sorry and thank you). Have updated the page and reloaded.

DingbatsHave a go     answers


Thursday 7th May 2020

Hello again Year 6, I hope you have been working hard but also enjoying the lovely warm weather that has returned. Once again, thank you all for working so hard. I am hoping that we will hear about the possible return to school in the Prime Minister's press conference as some point this week. We are all watching everyday to find out what lifting the lockdown will mean for schools. As soon as we know, you will know. Hopefully, it won't be too much longer, but who knows! Not me! 

As I said yesterday, I will not be setting any work for Friday, as it isa  bank holiday and I am going to enjoy the sun in my garden. I hope you do something nice. 

Stay safe year 6. I will be updating the website on Monday.

Today's tasks are:

English – Grammar https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/free-home-learning-packs/

This link will take you to 'Summer Term Week 3'. But if you notice in right corner, there is an option to change the week. Click on the pull down tab and select 'Week 1'. Choose the Year 6 pack and download. Now, go to pages 6-7-8 and complete work on relative clauses, modal verbs and adverbs. If this doesn’t take very long go, to Week 2, download the Year 6 pack and complete work on pages 11 and 12 on semi-colons, colons and hyphens.

MathsFind the Mean. The mean or average of a set of data is the total divided by the number of items in the set.

Example –   The number of hours worked by a plumber each day: 11 8 5 9 6 10 7 9 4 6   Total hours = 75 hours No. of days = 10 Mean = 7.5 hours (75 ÷ 10)

Target your maths page 1   page 2 answers

Level up page 1   page 2 answers

Tomorrow is VE day.

Find out about VE day – what is it? Why is it celebrated? What is so important this year?

Activity 1   Activity 2   Activity 3


Wednesday 6th May 2020 

Thank you so much to the children and/or parents who have been sending me through the work you have been doing this week. I reallly enjoy reading your work and finding out what you've been up to. There was some very interesting topics written about, including home-schooling, which is topical, as this is something happening to you all now!   


  • Keep up with your diary
  • Don’t’ forget Rockstars – have you got any quicker?
  • This Friday is VE day and so a bank holiday. I will not be setting any work, but would like you to research what VE day is.
  • Maybe make and put up your own bunting.
  • Next week would have been SATs week – instead of our usual English and Maths, I will be setting some more creative activities.
  • The week after would have been Art week in school, so Miss Webster will be setting some interesting art activities for you to choose and complete.

Your daily tasks for today are as follows:

English - Please complete the Grammar type tasks at the back of the Classroom Secrets (Year 6 Week 3) home learning pack. Download and go to p11 which should be The Great Fire of London poetry, please answer the questions about the different types of poem in your books.

Maths - Please complete a revision lesson from the BBC bitesize website. This week there are a few fraction lessons, which would be good for you to revise.

Science - What is the difference between solids, liquids and gases? BBC Bitesize Demonstrate this through diagrams and description.


Tuesday 5th May 2020

English - Edit and Improve your first draft on your argument. I had several emailed to me yesterday - thank you. Today, really look at that Must, Should, Could criteria (find link in yesterday's learning) and the Year 6 Writing Standards (find link in Tuesday 28th April) to ensure you have written the best piece of writing you can.

Maths – Circles - continue with your learning from yesterday. Try a challenging question if you have completed the other tasks.

I am sorry that you were initally unable to see the Target your Maths book work pages. Hopefully, I was able to improve that and now you can see the questions. BBC Bitesize have got some revision work on Circles.

Assessment - do you know what the Circumference of a circle is? Radius? Diameter? Do you know how to find these things?

Topic – Look back through your research from yesterday. Today, list these differences and similarities or put them into a passage of writing to present your findings from research completed. Some of you may have researched and written/typed up your findings already. If you have, consider how crime is punished in modern Britain and compare that those periods studied yesterday.


Monday 4th May 2020

Thank you to those of you who emailed me through your writing work from the Talk4Writing task. Your portal stories were excellent, full of description and well-chosen vocabulary. I hope you enjoyed this task.

English – I have often wondered why on earth they put the plastic coverings over the rubbers we use in class. Not only are they a pain to take off, I personally feel that it is an unnecessary use of plastic. I should use this time to write a letter to the company arguing reasons against the use of this plastic. For your English task today, I would like you to choose an argument of your choice, plan and write your first draft. Decide yourself whether you want to make it balanced or not!

Follow the Must, Should, Could criteria for this task.

Here are some ideas, if you can’t think of any:

  • Plastic covering on rubbers
  • Being quarantined
  • Use of electronic devices
  • Home-schooling

* Updated - I know you have had issues with the book work pages- they have been blurry. I am working from home so using my phone to take photos, so they are not the best quality. I have tried to take the photos again but they are refusing to reorientate, so they are upside down! sorry Also the level up page 1 is staying it is too large - it didn't do this for the others. I haven't been able to upload that one but the others should be better (fingers crossed).

Maths - These activities are for today and tomorrow, so don't feel like you have to do them all today, or even have to do all of them at all. Pleasse try to do at least one so that you have an understanding of circumference, radious and diameter

Part of a circle activity 1.       Introduction    Part of a circle activity 1   Cut out and find activity

Target your maths book activities page 1 page 2  answers

Level up challlenge book cactivities page 1  page 2  answers  

Topic – Research how crime was punished during the Anglo Saxon, Roman Britain and Tudor periods. (Tomorrow - Compare differences and similarities found)


Friday 1st May 2020

I came across this quote and it made me think of you all.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters” – Epictetus.

How are you coping with everything? Are you talking or writing about your feelings? Take a moment to pat yourself on the back to congratulate yourself on how great you have been – the fact that you are reading this, means that you have been accessing my messages and the work I have been setting. You have been getting on with life as best as you can and emailing me where possible to show the work you have been doing. Thank you!

I hope you have a restful weekend and, fingers crossed, we hear some positive news about returning to school next week.

Today’s tasks are:

English – Today, I would like you to choose two or three of these questions (more if you like) to answer. Give lots of detail and where possible find evidence in the text to support your answers.

1). “You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out” – what does this mean?

2). How does Via feel about her brother?

3). If you were asked to ‘befriend’ August, how would you react?

4). How is a tense atmosphere created between August and Julian in the drama auditorium? (During the tour of the school)

5). Why does Jack punch Julian?

6). What lessons do we, as readers, learn from ‘Wonder’?

7). What themes run through ‘Wonder’? (Eg Friendship, Family, Appearances)

8). Who is your favourite character? Why?

9). What age group would you recommend this book to?

10). Write a book review on ‘Wonder’

 Maths –  Make some 3d shapes. You will have to print off these in order to construct them. If you are unable to print them off. Look through each shape and try to visual what it would look like when built. You could try drawing some nets and their 3D shapes, use a ruler if possible.

Nrich challenge https://nrich.maths.org/2315


 Science – Our science topic this term should be Properties and Changes. This is the powerpoint I would have shown you in class which introduces different materials and their properties.

 Have a go at these tasks - Activity 1  Activity 2  Activity 3

By all means, you can complete your own research into this topic.


Thursday 30th April

 Wow! I have received lots work this week, all demonstrates how hard you’ve been working – so a massive 'well done' from me.

I have been in contact with some secondary schools in relation to your transitions, I asked about the types of skills it would be helpful for year 6s to be doing in preparation for secondary school. Obviously, I am very hopeful that we will be back at Ladbrooke to work through the list I have been collating, but the music lesson yesterday was one of the items. The ability to send an email, adding an attachment is also one of the suggestions from secondary school teachers – the majority of you have clearly demonstrated that you can do this through your regular contact with me. Other ICT items include: Name a file, Copy a file, File in a folder and Crop an image. Maybe this is something you could be working on a home.

Your daily tasks are:

English – Yesterday I asked you to finish reading ‘Wonder’. Today, I would like you to work through these comprehension questions. Answer in your books please.

Maths – 3D nets. Follow the powerpoint which introduces nets of 3D shapes and then have a go at some of the activities. If you are still unsure on nets after going through the activities below, you may have to complete some of your own research. There are lots of introductory and mastery powerpoints for this mathematical topic, all that are too big to upload onto the school website though!

Powerpoint   Activity 1   Activity 2  Activity 3

Challenge nets

CGP book pages 1 2 answers 1  2

Level up pages 1 2 answers

Art – Art in Lockdown. I would like you to draw /paint/collage something in your home that defines your lockdown. For example, a self-portrait of your mood (remember your work with Mrs Corke on self-portraits), rainbow painting/collage, your view from your window, photo collage of family/friends you are missing.


Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good morning Year 6, thank you very much for the many emails I received yesterday with lots of excellent work attached. I was particularly pleased to read your finished portal stories from your Talk4Writing work; the description you used continues to be brilliant – well done.

I have been hearing that some of you are struggling with the amount I am setting – please remember to choose an activity and just do what you can. Remember anything is always better than nothing!

The weather hasn’t been so great so far this week, I am guessing that this is making home learning a bit easier, in that, there’s nothing else to do!

Here are your daily tasks:

English – Last week, I put a link on to a free download of our class book ‘Wonder’. I know that lots of you have a hard copy at home, have already read the book and maybe have watched the film. Today, I would like you to finish reading ‘Wonder’ or recap by skimming though the book again. Tomorrow, I will be giving some comprehension questions relating to this text.


Maths – Today, I would like you to complete a BBC Bitesize Maths task. I really like this website for your revision across the curriculum. On the 27th April the lesson was multi-step addition and subtraction problems, which would, for some, be a great revision. The 28th was short and long multiplication and the today's is factors, multiples and prime numbers. If not, look further back and choose another lesson you would like to go over.

Also, I have been sent another maths website which I think would be really useful as a revision tool. It is the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, otherwise known as NCTEM. Here, you can find video lessons for primary aged children. Currently, they are going over fractions, which, again for some, could be a useful revision tool. There are also videos for parents here as well.

Please don’t stress over the amount I have included here, I just want to make sure that everyone is catered for with their maths needs. Pick and choose what you want to go over.

Music- For this lesson, I would like you to listen to some music (of my choice) and write down how you feel about it. Make sure you listen all the way through. Note down what instruments you can hear and how the music makes you feel. Click on the link https://www.classicsforkids.com/music/hearthemusic.php and begin listening. Here you will find music from the great classical composers, such as Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Gershwin, Handel, Holst, Mozart and Tchaikovsky (as well as many more). Please try and listen to them all.

Where possible listen to the whole duration of the music before answering the following questions in your books:

  • Have I heard this before?
  • What instruments can I hear?
  • How does this music make me feel?
  • What does the music remind me of?
  • What comes to mind when I am listening to this music?
  • How similar/different are the composers?


Tuesday 28th April

Good morning Year 6, I hope you are all well. Even though I am not in school this week, please don’t think I am not working; like your parents, I am teaching my children, cooking, cleaning and also working but mainly trying to keep myself sane. I think that you should all stop what you are doing (reading this message), now go and tell your parent/s what a great job they are doing and to thank them.

Thank you to those who have emailed me their work recently. I particularly enjoyed the criminal factfiles - lots of interesting criminals who I had not heard of (with several of them, I was quite pleased not to know anything about them!). Also the first drafts of your stories from English, some baking recounts (loved the chocolate cheerio cakes!) and some more book reviews to add to the above article.

Ok, back to business. Today’s tasks are:

English – Hopefully, yesterday you write your first draft of your own story from the Talk4Writing booklet https://mailchi.mp/talk4writing/home-school-booklets. Today, I would like you to edit this draft and make it better. Use the year 6 writing standards to help you produce the best story you can. Now, rewrite/retype your story. Please attach this document to an email and send it to me, I would love to read your stories.

Maths – We have finished angles now. Hopefully, you are feeling fairly confident with angles now. If not, don't worry, when (fingers crossed) we return to school, we will definitely go over these objectives, especially those involving constructing angles, I know that some of you have not got protractors at home and so struggled with that learning. Please go over this shapes review, from Target your Maths. 1  2  answer 1 answer 2

French – Madame Elena has sent the teachers a link to a website which contains videos to help you with your French conversation, including introducing yourself, saying how you feel and a trip to the supermarket as well as practice with your counting and alphabet. Click on the link and give a go. You will have to go to the bottom of the home page and find the 'Primary French' link. https://radiolingua.com/learnathome/#primaryfrench


Monday 27th April

Hello my lockdown learners, this is week 6 of quarantine! I’m not really sure what day of the week it is, as they all seem to merge into one! I decided at the weekend that I needed to be more positive about the situation and so every day I am writing down three different things that I am grateful for. Maybe you could do the same.

Your tasks for today are as follows:

English – Talk4Writing lesson Activities 9 & 10 Planning and Writing a story


Tomorrow you will be editing, improving and rewriting this first draft.

Maths – Angles in regular polygons (lesson 2)


Topic – This term we should have started our new topic ‘Crime and Punishment’. To kick start this, I would like you to research a well-known criminal. Put together a factfile about this person to share via email. I will choose a selection to upload on the class webpage.


  • Remember to keep up with Rockstars.
  • If you have finished reading a good book and you want to share – write a book review and email it to me
  • Keep adding to your diary (if you are writing one)
  • If you have been doing any baking, you might want to share recipes and photos. I hope this has helped your measuring and weighing skills. Maybe we have some new-found budding bakers and chefs amongst us.
  • Keep smiling 


Friday 24th April

Well, you made it to the end of the week! After two weeks off, that might have been a challenge for some of you! I have managed to call nearly everyone this week. It has been so lovely speaking to your parents and even some of you, although I am sure you don’t think the same!

Your tasks for today are:

English –continue using the Talk4Writing booklet found at https://mailchi.mp/talk4writing/home-school-booklets

Activity 7 from Talk4Writing booklet – Grammar & Sentence work: a). Pattern of 3 actions b). Semicolon use c). Adverbs

Activity 8 – ‘Through the eyes of a character’: short piece of descriptive writing – I would love to see a copy of this

Next week – Activity 9 & 10 – planning and writing your own story


Angles in quadrilaterals – Whiterose week beginning (summer term week 2) 27th April Lesson 1. You might have to click on the - sign (found next to week beginning 20th April) to add on the next week’s work.


This work from the CGP books will reinforce your learning on angles in quadrilaterals. 1   2   Answers

Challenge activity:Nrich – make sure you read the problem fully before attempting to solve. Both can be done online



Geography – Do you know what a compass point is? Have a go at this activity, using compass directions to move around a map. Perhaps you could draw a map like this yourself. Make sure you know the answers before you ask a member of your family to work them out.

Compass activity

Have a good weekend


Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good morning Year 6, welcome to another day in quarantine! Have you been adding to your diary? What was different about yesterday to the previous day?
Did anyone take a look at the BBC Bitesize stuff? What do you think?
I managed to call a few of your parents yesterday; it was nice to find out how you are all doing. Some parents mentioned that they were finding it difficult trying to get you to work! This work is not compulsory (as I keep saying) BUT it is important for your mental health to keep to a routine, even if it is just in the mornings. This routine should consist of exercise, some Maths and English and NOT your consoles/phones/electronic devices all day.
I know there are lots of you accessing the work I have been setting, completing it and some even sharing it with me via email–so thank you for your hard work.
Today’s daily tasks:
English – I am assuming that, if you have been following the daily tasks, you are up to Activity 4 Idioms (Year 6 Doors booklet). https://mailchi.mp/talk4writing/home-school-booklets. Please continue with this task – where you have to work out the meanings of the idioms
Activity 5 – Read ‘The Door’ by Miroslav Holub. Answer the questions on the poem
Activity 6 – Comprehension based on ‘The Sow-Walker’s son’
Maths – Use this session to catch up with the previously set tasks on angles.
Make sure that you have a good understanding on how to find the angles in a triangle. Do you know how to find missing angles? Tomorrow, I will be asking you move onto angles in a quadrilateral and regular polygons.
This is the overview for the unit of work of angles and what we would have been working through in class:
Measure with a protractor – Introduce angles – Calculate angles – Vertically opposite angles – Angles in a triangle (special cases and missing angles) – Angles in a quadrilaterals – Angles in regular polygon – Draw shapes accurately – Draw nets of 3D shapes.
If you are caught up, use this time to have a look at the BBC Bitesize website - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zncsscw/year-6-lessons/1
Geography – How about something different today? Can you confidently name countries and continents?
Try not to use the internet, until you are checking your answers.
Continents     Countries of the world     Countries of Europe

Science - If you have not tried any of the investigations yet, why not give one a go! Look back to Monday 20th April and choose one. Or I have uploaded some more here:

Fireworks in a glass   Sundial



Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hello Year 6, I hope you are enjoying the warm weather. I am in school this week and, as well as working with the children that are in school, I am endeavouring to call some of you – just to catch up and make sure you are all happy and healthy.

I noticed that ‘Wonder’ is on Film 4 tonight at 6:45pm. I will be setting some work on this book in the next couple of weeks, so it might help if you are able to watch it. I have also found an online copy of the text, so you could finish reading it. As a class, we got up to the chapter entitled ‘Letters, Emails, Facebook, Texts’ (p160) – https://archive.org/details/Wonder_201810/page/n1/mode/2u

Also, just to let you know, if you haven’t already seen it, BBC Bitesize are showing videos and uploading activities on a daily basis. I have looked at some and think they are great for revision purposes. For example, this week they are covering: rounding numbers and decimals and negative numbers in Maths and in English: nouns, pronouns and adjectives. Have a look yourself. What do you think?  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zncsscw/year-6-lessons/1

If you still haven't tried a science investigation, go to Monday 20th and click on a chosen experiment to try.

Daily tasks are as follows:

English – Continue with the tasks set within the Talk4Writing pack: Doors – the world of possibility. (Year 6 Unit)

Activity 1 – Make a list of the things you are missing – You may have started this yesterday

Activity 2 – Use the list created in activity 1 to write a Poem, based on ‘The Magic box’. Wagolls shared in the booklet; you may have completed this yesterday, if so, please share your finished poems.

Activity 3 – Artistic challenge – design a door.

If you have completed all of these tasks already, please continue with the next tasks in the booklet.

Maths –Continue with the next WhiteRose lesson (3) Angles in a Triangle (special cases) https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/

Extension – CGP pages. Angles in shapes 1  2  Answers   Angles in shapes 3  4 5  Answers  (I am sorry, I have tried everything to make these the right way round but for some reason they keep uploading the wrong way! I really am not very technically minded, as you can probably tell!)

If you are struggling with angles – why not try the BBC Bitesize website and the revision maths lessons?


Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning Year 6. How was yesterday? If you struggled with some of the work because you haven't done anything for two weeks, please don't worry, build up to it, if needed. Did you manage to try a science experiment? I know some of you did, so well done. Maybe, have a go at another one. If you have been planting seeds over the last few weeks, remember that this is also science, so you could write about this as part of your science work. I have been busy planting seeds in my vegetable patch and am excited to see if they grow into anything (fingers crossed).

English daily task - I have found a brilliant unit plan for Reading and Writing from Talk4Writing and I would like you to have a go at the activities. This will probably take you until the end of the week. Give it a try and let me know what you think. There are two plans - the second one is slightly more challenging.  Please click on the link and decide which unit (6 or 6,7 & 8). Please write your answers in your books. You don't need to print off the booklet, just work through each activity at a time.

I only received four book reviews yesterday and would like a few more (at least) before I upload them onto the class webpage...please!

Maths daily task - Please continue with the WhiteRose lessons - Lesson 2 Angles in a Triangle. 

Extension - Target Your Maths page 21   Answers   Level Up maths pagePage 2   Answers

If all of this is too much - just spend some time on TT Rockstars. If you have read the news stories on the homepage, you will see some changes to the leaderboard


Monday 20th April 2020

Well, hello again Year 6, welcome to the Summer Term! How are you all? Have you been in contact with friends and family over the 'Easter break'? Has the novelty of being at home worn off yet?I have had a lovely break, helped by the nice(ish) weather, although I did continue to home school my boys! We had a good routine going and I didn't want to spoil it! We are entering our fifth week of being at home now and still no idea of when we will be returning, I hope you have had a break (of sorts!) and now are ready to get back into your learning routine. 

Remember to continue adding to your personal diary. I look forward to reading these when we school reopens.

Your daily tasks for today are:

English - Over the last few weeks I have been in awe of Captain Tom Moore, who has raised (as of sunday evening) more than 21 million pounds for NHS charities, by walking around his garden. What an amazing man?! Please answer this comprehension, the answers are at the back. Next, I would like you to write your own newspaper report on the achievements of this man, using the example given on the Twinkl worksheet.

I am hoping that you have reading lots since you have been at home. I have had a few recommendations, but I would like you all to write/type at least one book review and email it to me so that I can upload it onto our class page.

Maths - Vertically opposite angles - Whiterose home learning followed by the extension task (answers are found here). Want a challenge? Try this.

Science - I would like you to attempt a science investigation this week. Below you will find several to choose at least one from (you might want to do all of them!) Please ensure you write up your investigation, paying particularly attention to your results; remember, you could take photos as evidence.

Design and Test a parachute   Dissolving sugar at different heats   Gravity free water

How does a torch work?          How does an ice cube melt?            Make an egg float in salty water 



Ideas for work over Easter

Easter booklet  - this file is too big to put on this page. If you would like a copy, please email me and I will happily send one to you (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

French work


Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello Year 6, well today marks two weeks since you were last at school...can you believe it? Today, we should have been breaking up for the Easter holidays and looking forward to two weeks off school! My, how things have changed! I will not be setting any daily tasks for the two weeks of the 'Easter break', however, if you are interested, I have a Easter holiday booklet, which is full of interesting and more creative activities for you to attempt, also there is some french work that Madam Elena has suggested you could do. Otherwise, I will be back as usual, updating the website with your daily tasks from Monday 20th April. 

English task for today - I hope you have enjoyed studying The Jabberwocky - at first this poem should have seemed completely incomprehensible. Now, however, after working through some of the set activities, you should have been able to translate the poem into modern day language. 

Click on the names to find out how some of the children interpreted the poem:

Ben      Zac     Lily  Molly

Today, I would like you to draw an image of what you think the Jabberwocky looks like. Label it with description from the poem, for example, "eyes of flame".

Once you have done this, watch the video clip of this poem. Does the image found in this video match yours? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0dhJXUX6I4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw4Ji4JKZ7Q

Also, scroll down, on this page, to November 22nd 2019 to my previous class' year 6 assembly. They performed a puppet show of the Jabberwocky. Did you interpret it the same as the previous year 6 class?

Maths task for today - I would like you to complete the final task for your angles work, found on the WhiteRose page. Lesson 5 - Calculating angles . Complete the set activity found alongside the video to support.

Extension - try this sheet

If you didn't manage to try the NRICH challenges yesterday, have a go, if you have time today.

A further challenge could be to produce an information page, helping younger children to measure and calculate angles.


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning Year 6, how did you find 'The Jabberwocky' yesterday? From the emails I received, I think some of you may have found the poem difficult to understand, but that is good, believe it or not! This is because today it is going to get easier.

Your daily tasks in English and Maths are as follows:

English - Today, you are going to continue with your work from yesterday. Hopefully, you read the poem, answered some questions about it and began to think about what some of the nonsense words might mean.

Here is an explanation of some of the key words found in the poem. Read it carefully and replace each nonsense word (that you can) with a modern version. For example:

Brillig - 4 o'clock - It was 4 in the afternoon

This sheet describes portmanteau words - these can be found within the poem, but what are they?

Hopefully now, you understand what the Jabberwocky is about. Using all of this information, I would like you to rewrite this poem but a modern version.

Maths - How did you find measuring and calculating angles yesterday? I hope that the WhiteRose webpage is useful to your learning. Refer to lesson 4 today - Introduce angles. Complete the accompanying activity and finish any activities not completed yesterday.

If you want a challenge try these NRICH tasks - 1  2 3 4


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Hello again Year 6.

Your English task today is to write a 4000 word essay on the chemical processes found within the water cycle.


April fools....

Sorry, can you tell I have been stuck in the house for nearly two weeks now?! 

How are you all? Did you enjoy your English task yesterday? I received some excellent examples and would like to share two of them:

Molly   Eren  Thank you for including some useful advice.


Your daily tasks are:

English - Today, we are going to begin some work on the nonsense poem 'The Jabberwocky'.

1). Read The Jabberwocky poem What do you think it is about?

2). Now look again at this highlighted version of the poem. Answer the questions in the side column of the sheet.

3). Start to think about what you think the nonsense words found in the poem might mean. Fill in the sheet. Please use a dictionary if you have one, the internet might also help BUT try not to find a direct translation of the poem.

Tomorrow, you will replacing the nonsense words with more modern vocabulary before rewriting your own version,

Maths - Today, we are moving onto Angles, as part of our Shape unit.

Use the WhiteRose website to introduce this learning: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/ Lesson 3.Complete attached activity.

It would be great if you could practise using a protractor to measure angles BUT I will completely understand if you don't have one at home. You can still work on calculating angles using the key skills. 

This website will support your learning on how to use a protractor - https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t2-m-2087-how-to-use-a-protractor-display-powerpoint

If you have a protractor - complete this task

If you do not have a protractor - complete this task. Use the  answers to mark your own work


Tuesday 31st March 2020

How did you get on with yesterday's English work? If you are particularly proud of any of your writing, please don't hestitate to email them to me. I will happily read them. How do you feel about ratio and proportion? We should be moving on to scale factors tomorrow, but if you feel that you need more work on ratio, use the Classroom secrets and Twinkl links found underneath 'Monday 23rd March' on this page and find associated work to support your individual need.

Today's tasks:

English - produce a leaflet / information guide / non-chronological report on how to survive being quarantined. Try to use some year 5/6 spelling words with your writing. You should also use this time to complete some spelling activities (found in your pack).

Maths - Use the WhiteRose link (you may have used this on the 25th March) to support your scale factor learning: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/

You should focus on Lesson 1 - Calculating scale factors. Watch the lesson video and then complete the activity, in your exercise book. The answers can be found underneath for you to assess later.

If you want a challenge, there are multiple activities on the NRICH website on ratio and proportion - https://nrich.maths.org/9003


Monday 30th March 2020

Hello Year 6, I hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend. It snowed in Hemel Hempstead on Sunday, which was a surprise; I am hoping we get back to some nice weather this week!

I noticed that there has been some interesting activity on TTRockstars over the last week. It would seem lots of us have been working hard to increase our speed, Kristian, in particular, has continued to develop his excellent average speed. Well done everyone contributing - keep it up.


mathsmaths 2


Your daily tasks today are as follows:

English -

Use the image found on this webpage to create a passage of writing. https://www.onceuponapicture.co.uk/portfolio_page/said-the-stars/

Answer the questions found underneath the image to help you think deeply about what you could write about. I would also like you to refer to the Year 6 writing standards during this process, in order to help you produce the best piece of writing you can. Complete the first draft as freely as you can, then edit and improve with the support of the writing standards sheet.

Maths - Continue with your Ten for Ten booklet. 

Please find attached continued work on Ratio and Proportion.

Powerpoint reinforcing ratio and proportion      Activity 1   Activity 2 (to be done in books)


Friday 27th March 2020

Hello Year 6, thank you so much for your lovely emails yesterday - they all made me smile. It was so nice just to touch base with some of you, believe it or not I am missing you all. I will obviously not be setting work over the weekends, so these tasks are the last for this week. I want you to enjoy your weekend: relax, watch movies, read, talk, phone or video call loved ones and friends. On Monday, we will begin the week again with your daily tasks.

Today, your tasks are as follows:

English - Click on this link https://www.literacyshed.com/the-music-video-shed.html.

Find the 'Titanium' video (second one down). Watch the first minute and then stop. What has happened? What caused it? Why?

Now, watch the video to the end, making notes on what is happening throughout. Using your excellent descriptive writing skills, write a recount from the point of view of the boy. 

Maths - Please complete pages in, what would normally be, your maths homework book. Complete sections A, B and C. If, for some reason, you did not take this book home, please click on the links 'Maths Knowledge organiser' for information and 'quiz' for completion  in the Maths support section of this page (below). Please complete in your exercise book.

The answers for the quiz can be found here (page1) here (page 2) here (page 3)


Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning Year 6, how's it going? What have you been up to over the last few days? It does feel strange not seeing you all. The teachers at Ladbrooke are taking it in turns to go to work and teach the children coming in. I am not due in until the week after next, so I am at home, attempting to home school my two boys. Turns out Reception and Year 2 are massively different to Year 6, and maybe I should stick to Year 6!

I am sorry about the problems encountered yesterday with the maths website. I am hoping this doesn't happen again.

Today's daily tasks are:

English - If you are able to, please send me an email about how you are feeling and what you are doing. I promise to reply to each of you. If you cannot send an email, this should be in the form of a letter in your exercise book. You should also be practising your year 5/6 spelling words during this time.

I hope you are using this time to read as much as you can. Reading takes us away from our everyday lives and, right now, that is a something well-needed. 

https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/ - David Walliams is reading one of his stories everyday for free.

https://stories.audible.com/start-listen - A choice of stories to listen to for free.

Maths - Below, in the entitled 'Maths support', you will find a document that contains an Arithmetic paper. It has errors. We have done something like this in class before. I would like you to go through the paper and correct it. You do not need to print this off, rather, complete it in your given exercise book. You shouldn't need the answers because you are essentially marking it! 

I noticed yesterday, during my research for your tasks, that Carol Vorderman's website, which usually has a charge to use, is now free! Make the most of this, because it is a great website. You still have to register for free access BUT you won't have to pay - https://www.themathsfactor.com/


Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello again Year 6. How many of you are completing a PE lesson with Joe Wicks every morning? I am doing it with my boys, which is hilarious, but it is important to try and stay active during this time at home. If you want to have a go, here's the link - https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1

How did you get on with the Alma task yesterday? Did you improve it?

Your daily tasks today are:

English - Complete up to three tests from your Reading comprehension booklet and then from your Grammar booklet. If, from some reason, you did not receive these in your pack. Complete reading comprehension tasks found here - https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/year-6-school-closure-home-learning-resource-pack-t-e-2549915.

Maths - Using this website https://uk.ixl.com/ follow 'Year 6', 'Maths' and then 'Ratios and rates' (O.1 - O.7). Make sure you click on 'Learn with an example' as this will support your learning. Any work you might want to note down or questions you want to answer, can be done in your exercise book. Remember that we haven't covered this yet in class (it was suppoesed to be this week's work!). Good luck

***There appears to be a problem with this website. So, instead, use these websites to support you Ratio learning - https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/ and https://kids.classroomsecrets.co.uk/. Sorry about that!


Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hello Year 6, I hope your first day studying at home went well. I had a couple of emails to ask about the Ten for Ten answer booklet. If you didn't recieve a booklet, please email me and I shall email a copy back to you. Do remember to add to your diary about your thoughts and feelings on the current situation - I promise when you re-read it in years to come, you'll be amazed.

Your daily tasks are as follows:

English - I would like you to look back at your Alma writing. You should have a copy of this in your packs. Knowing what you know now and being much better writers than at the beginning of Year 6, I would like you to re-write an improved version of your narrative.

Maths - Continue with Ten for Ten booklet. Also, see if you can increase your speed on TTRockstars.

Remember, if you want to question anything - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning Year 6. Please find below your daily tasks:

English - We finished reading Skellig last Thursday. Please write a book review, even if you didn't finish reading it.

For those of you who watched the DVD, tell me about the differences and similarities between the text and the film adaptation.

This should be done in the exercise book that was given with your pack

Maths - Begin your KS2 SAT Revision Ten for Ten booklet



The links below will take you straight to the Classroom Secrets and Twinkl websites - they have put together some excellent home learning packs.

English and Maths link - Classroom Secrets questions

English and Maths link - Classroom Secrets activities

Home Learning pack - twinkl resource packs


Maths support

Once you have studied the Maths Knowledge Organiser now try the quiz

Look at this Arithmetic test - it has errors. Can you identify them? Can you correct them?


Reading support

Not sure what book to read? Take a look at this suggested list of books you should read before you leave year 6


Writing support

Use these images to inspire your writing. Click on an image and use the questions underneath to support your writing.



A visit from Spirit of the Wild – Wednesday 15th January 2020

Today, year 5 and 6 were lucky to receive a visit from Spirit of the Wild. As part of our topic, The Rainforests, the children were introduced to animals from this type of environment. Ben gave us lots of information about these animals, lots of which will come in very useful in future topic lessons.

Some of the children were picked to handle some of the exhibited animals, which included: The Amazonian yellow-thighed parrot, The hissing cockroach, A millipede, The Brazilian black spider, An African bullfrog, The red foot tortoise, A crested gecko, A boa constrictor,  A fruit bat and a python.

All of the children were excellently behaved throughout the two hour session and learned lots about the rainforests and the animals that inhabit these parts of the world.




 Our Spring term topic is the Rainforest. Please see, below, information to support you and your child through this topic:

Questions to help my learning     Cross curriculur links     Knowledge builder   



British Museum

On Wednesday 4th December, Year 5 and 6 visited the British Museum as part of our grand finale for our autumn topic - ancient Egypt.

We thoroughly enjoyed this visit as we were able to see so many Egyptian artefacts, including the Rosetta Stone, Mummies and examples of Hieroglyphics.

The children were all very well behaved throughout the day and were able to consolidate their learning from this very interesting topic.

Please read the following recounts from some of the children.

Ben       Ana     Daisy     Kenny



School Council

On Monday 14th October, Year 6 delivered their first school council meetings. In a change to previous years, groups of children went to each classroom and asked the questions for pupil voice. They were then able to feed back the responses from the children. Teachers commented that the year 6 counsellors were responsible and friendly with their groups. Well done year 6.

Click here to view the agenda


Welcome back

If you were unable to attend our parent's meeting yesterday (Monday 16th September), click here to see the powerpoint I shared.

I also shared some ways in which you can support your child at home, aside from homework. I hope you find it useful. Please click here to view this resource.


Termly Parent's Leaflets:

Please click here to view our Autumn 2019 Parent leaflet.

Please click here to view our Spring 2020 parent leaflet.




To find out about all we will be doing this year, click on the relevant termly overview

Please click here to view our Autumn 2018 Parent Leaflet

Please click here to view our Spring 2019 Parent Leaflet

Please click here to view our Summer 2019 Parent Leaflet

Well the sleep gods were listening and your children slept brilliantly. In fact, we had to wake them up in the morning, unheard of for me in over 20 years of school journeys.

The day started for two groups in the swimming pool where, sitting on the side of the pool they perfected their paddling skills ready for the lake later in the day.  There were six different strokes to master and with great leadership skills shown the groups were able to show that they could paddle in time with each other.  This did not quite translate when they took this practice from the side of the pool to sitting in dinghies.  Trying to paddle down the pool in straight lines … was not quite as easy as they thought but extremely amusing to watch.  We did master the art of going round in circles though!

The other two groups started the day with tunnelling and crate stacking.  A few intrepid explorers braved the underground tunnels while others were content to try out the tunnels on the ground and support the others as they made their way through the tunnels.  Next the challenge was how high we could they go as they stacked crates higher and higher.  The problem was the higher they went, the wobblier they got and the only way to survive was to hang on tight.  Eventually though, the crates crumbled and the children were left dangling in the air until safely lowered to the ground.

After lunch we all went off to the lake for canoeing. After a short coach trip we were met at our destination by a herd of very inquisitive cows.  They were very interested indeed and took a lot of persuasion to move out of the way.  Once at the lake, half the children went on the dragon boat whilst the other half went on the blue inflatable dinghy.  All their hard work at the pool paid off and they did manage to get the boats to go in a straight line! At the end the majority of the children decided the best way to finish the activity was to jump into the water, so several soggy children returned to Knapp House for dinner.

Following dinner, it was ringo riding and low ropes, with each group telling the other what the activity was like, having completed them on the previous day.  The only slight problem was the weather, the dreaded rain arrived.  Not so much of a problem for the ringo riders but the low ropes course became extra challenging.  The children coped brilliantly and showed excellent team work.  On the ringo rides, all the children managed to stay on but poor Mr Smith ended up in the water.

So now we settle down for our second evening.  I have a feeling we will have another good evening as we have some very tired children after such a full on day.


Well it is almost the end of our first day, but we may be being a little optimistic that they will all go to bed early!!!  We arrived safely at around 1.30pm and after dropping off our cases and being taken on a tour, we all met to start our first activity.

Two groups set off on their coastal walk.  They began by creating sand masterpieces and then set off to explore the rock pools. Your children decided the best way to do this was to immerse themselves completely in the rock pools, hence 14 soggy wet children returned triumphant after spotting crabs, anemones, jellyfish and periwinkles.

The other two groups went to complete the canoe drill. Into the swimming pool they went and learnt how to use the paddles accurately and what to do if they capsize.  After plenty of practise (not always taking the most direct route!) the children began to get the hang of it.

Dinner was very welcomed when it arrived as we were all very hungry.  Lasagne, sausage casserole or ratatouille were the main choices with many other extras on the side.

After dinner, two groups tackled the low ropes and two groups went on the ringo ride (Miss Webster’s favourite). There was some great team work on the rope course, with children supporting each other brilliantly.  The children on the ringo ride all had great fun and everyone managed to stay on!

So now we sit and wait and pray to the sleep gods that the children all settle down quickly and we all get a good night sleep ready for the fun tomorrow.  Wish us luck! 

(Hopefully we will add some photos tomorrow but we are struggling with the internet currently)