Luckily for us, Thursday morning got off to a slightly slower start than Tuesday and Wednesday. All the fresh air and exercise seems to be helping everyone to sleep in a little later - although not too late to miss breakfast! We are getting quite used to a full cooked breakfast in the morning - parents beware! It was also very nice to hear at breakfast that some of the instructors had switched the timetable so that they could work with us again.

Quote of the morning, from one of the instructors: "I love working with Ladbrooke, they are magic!"

Our morning activities were the river traverse and the tree hoist! The children were incredibly independent, harnessing themselves up and helping each other out. The tree hoist tree was very, very tall.... so tall in fact that Mrs Corke felt a little queezy just looking up to take photos! However, no one seemed even the least bit phased by it and they went up and down with ease. It was lovely to watch. Everyone has approached all of the activities this week with enthusiasm, but there has been a very noticeable increase in everyone's confidence as the week has gone on - in fact I don't think anyone of the adults has had to say 'it's okay, you can do it' for at least a couple of days. All of the children know they can! It has truly been a joy to watch.

The afternoon saw us in the pool for the canoe drill and a free swim. We now know the basic strokes and how to capsize safely - although hopefully we won't need the second of the two skills when we are out on the lake tomorrow morning - especially before the long drive home!
After dinner, the preparations for the disco began (and many lovely photos were taken!). We have had a truly memorable trip!

Quote of the day: "It has been an amazing experience.... one I'll never forget!"