Wednesday morning started with the boys creeping out to sing happy birthday to Shania! And what a birthday it was!!

After breakfast we set off on our coastal walk. We were driven down to the sea front and from there we walked and walked and walked - up hills, down hills, over pebbles and stones until we reached the rock pools. We found small crabs, sea snails and a whole host of other creatures.

Quote of the morning: "I can't wait to go surfing this afternoon" ....... "I can't wait to sit down!"

After a lunch of sandwiches, we once again squeezed ourselves into wetsuits (which was considerably easier second time round - now that we knew the zips were at the back!) we began our surfing tutorial. The waves were perfect and a few of us managed to stand up on our boards! This activity has been pushed up to the top of the favourite list for many of us!

We thought (or at least Mrs La Frenais did) that the evening would be a relaxing pedal around the grounds on the pedal carts. Little did she know!

Quote of the evening: From Zak as he hurtled into a bush "I forgot where I was!" We are looking forward to tomorrow's activities (and a long sleep!).