Apologies for the delay, there have been a few technical difficulties but we have been having a great time and the children have done us and you proud!

Tuesday morning began with a very early start! All the children were up, dressed, with their teeth brushed and raring to go at 6.30! After a breakfast of eggs, bacon, beans, toast and the usual cereals and yogurt, we were ready for our first activity of the day - crating!

The children worked brilliantly in teams to support each other building towers out of crates! Straight after crating, we walked across the fields to our tunnelling activities. We had to get dressed up in what can only be described as boiler suits - there were a few complaints about the look but Mrs Gates was very pleased to notice that they were much drier and considerably better fitting than they were last year! They then tunnelled - first above the ground and then underneath. Everyone had a go and some even went in for a second turn!

Following a lunch of sandwiches, crisps and wagon wheels eaten on the lawn, we set out for our second activity of the day and a firm favourite - the ringo rides! We were ferried out to the estuary where we took it in turns to hang on to the ringo as we were pulled behind the boat. It seemed as if there was as much fun to be had falling off the ride as there was hanging on!

After dinner, we walked down to the sea front to try our hand at crabbing. Within seconds of lowering the bait into the water there were crabs everywhere! The children became particularly attached to a small crab affectionately known as Gary and he was given a great send off when they were all released back into the sea!

The highlight of the evening came with a speed boat ride around the bay which was truly amazing! Quotes of the day:

"Wow.... that was amazing!"
"Look!... There's the Titanic!"