Day Four

A slower start to the day with a few more bleary eyes over breakfast, but it did not take long before the children were excitedly awaiting their first activity.  With swimming costumes ready and towels thrown over the shoulders we ventured off to the pool for our canoe drill.  After a quick lesson in the difference between canoeing and kayaking, the children were told all about the equipment they were going to be using.  A warm up activity saw all the children swimming across the pool and diving over and under a dinghy.  Next they were shown how to paddle correctly and finally they were let loose in a dinghy paddling up and down.  Some children took the scenic route, weaving up and down the pool and others added some interesting 360 degree turns.  After a bit of practise though they all mastered (in a fashion) the art of paddling.  The final task was to all demonstrate that they could capsize out of the dighy and know what to do.  Thirteen capsizes later, twenty six shouts of capsize and many responses of 'swimmer' and we were ready for the lake.

With the sun shining, we set off after lunch for the canoe lake.  After a short coach trip and walk though a field we arrived safely and changed into our cagoul, buoyancy aids and put on our helmets.  The children were then split into three teams, one got into the dragonboat, one group were on the silver canoe and the final group were on the giant blue inflatable dinghy.  All the children got to expereince all the boats and had great fun.  Finally at the end, as the children had been so good, they were all given the chance to go on the blue dighy and then jump off into the water - 20 children did this and thought it was brilliant!.  It was at this point that the instructors told us that all the instructors looked forward to working with Ladbrooke as the children had been so much fun and so well manneret!

After dinner, the disco approached.  The children spent a long time getting themselves ready and helped each other do their hair (girls and boys).  As the muic began, the children headed into the room and began to dance the night away.  From the many comments made by the chldren the night was a great success.  Now, as they settle down for their final night's sleep, we can begin to reflect on what a fantastic week we have had with the year six children.  They have been brilliant!  Just one more activity and we will be on our way home.  Hopefully with a whole host of memories and of course with a bag full of very muddy and dirty clothes (sorry!)


Quotes of the day

... "This has been the best night of my life"

... "I've had such a great week, I do not want to go home!"

... "It's OK I have saved a curly wurly and a packet of crisps for my mum and dad!"  (I wonder which lucky parent has this to look forward to?!)

..."I've found my disco clothes..." (Such a shame it was as he was going to bed!)


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