Day Two! 

It began rather early, but not due to our children who were fantastic but rather to another school who were doing very good impressions of fairy elephants above the teachers room! That aside, the sun was shining and we had a full day of activities to look forward to.

First up was Miss Webster's favourite, the ringo rides. With wet suits, buoyancy aids and helmets on we walked a short distance to the beach to start the fun. The children paired up and chose their speed - slow, medium or turbo. The next plan was to hang on for dear life as the Ringo sped round behind the back of a speed boat. Some children were lucky and managed to stay on, others like Miss Webster, were unceremoniously dumped in the river!!! It was great fun! The session was completed with a speed boat ride - high speed dashes and the odd doughnut thrown in too!!! Fabulous!

After a quick shower to warm up and lunch to refuel, it was off to either climbing/abseiling or the tree hoist/traverse. The children all challenged themselves and managed to overcome fears to get higher than they thought they would. Many children got all the way to the top and abseiled back to the ground (some more gracefully than others!)

After dinner it was time for the Wacky Races, i.e. The pedal carts. In teams of 8, the children raced around several tracks to see who could be crowned champions of the racecourse. It was a very close thing and I think the most worrying thing about this activity is the fact that these children could have driving licences in 6 years times!!! Scary! Having said that Mrs Corke did not fair much better.

It is now time for bed and the children are all in their rooms and we have our fingers crossed for a quiet night. Your children have continued to be brill - putting their heart and soul into all the activities and supporting each other brilliantly! We are looking forward to seeing what Wednesday holds.

Quote of the day ... "That Dingo Ride was great!"

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