Well off we set at 7.15, one coach full of excited children and three not quite so excited members of staff.  The journey was long and the M25 did not disappoint with some long traffic jams but the children coped brilliantly.  After a short stop for lunch, the children settled down for the last leg of the journey with a DVD to keep them busy. Before we knew it we were bundling off the coach, grabbing our cases and heading off to find our rooms.

A quick tour followed and then we were ready for our first activity ... crate stacking.  As the children stacked the crates higher and higher, the legs became more wobbly and the screams of delight and fear filled the air.  Every child took part and  challenged themselves to go just a little bit higher each time.  The fun came when it was time for the crates to be demolished and four children were left dangling in mid air.

Next we ventured off for the tunnelling.  After getting suited and booted in what can only be described as a boiler suit, we were ready to tackle an array of tunnels. The first couple of tunnels were above the ground and all the children tackled these with great determination.  Then the children were let loose on the underground tunnels.  Again there were squeals of delight as the children made their way through the dark tunnels.  Some did it once and said that was enough but others were in and out like ants - completely in their element.

After a delicious evening meal where the children had the choice of hot dogs, lasagne or vegetable curry we were ready for our final activity of the day - low ropes.  The children supported each other brilliantly and the camera was there to capture the triumphs and the slightly more interesting ways the children found to master the course.

So the children are now in their rooms, preparing to sleep ... I can but hope but probably quite delusional.  Hopefully there will be some photos to post soon, but we are waiting for the cable to be sent down so we can download them (sorry - always forget one thing!)

Your children have been brilliant and have been a credit to themselves, the school and to you.  Already I have had compliments from a range of Knapp House staff about how great they have been. 

Quote of the day when ghe crates were getting higher and the legs were wobbly .... "Give me a hug!" said one child to another!