This Year the political landscape of Potters Bar was transformed following one of the most surprising election results in recent history. As part of our work on persuasion Year 5 arranged a class election.

Three new political parties emerged when like-minded children were given the opportunity to develop policies that they felt they could argue persuasively for.

The Cheeseburger Party was very concerned to ensure that the children of Ladbrooke School were enjoying healthy and sustaining diets. They campaigned for extra snacks in class and a buffet style canteen at lunch times. They were also keen to see that children were able to enjoy their family time as much as possible, and wanted to ban school homework to help them to achieve a happy home life. They argued that homework was a recipe for ‘tears, tantrums and arguments.’

The Rescue Party, on the other hand were less concerned about the rights of children but rather the rights of animals. Following the theme of our topic this term, Amazing Africa, the members of this party wanted to raise awareness of the plight of endangered species around the world; in particular they wanted to highlight the abhorrent practices of poachers hunting rhinos. Closer to home they also wanted to ensure that health care remained a priority, arguing that low cost or free health care was essential for the people of Potters Bar.

The domestic agenda dominated the policies of our third party. They were named, in what some thought may have been a premature move, The Best Party in Ladbrooke (TBPIL). This group were sure that by concentrating on health care, school provision and reducing crime they would be certain to pick up the votes of the as yet undecided electorate.

During the campaign the parties produced leaflets and their own manifestos, as well as debating policy at a class hustings (this is where voters get to ask questions to potential political leaders).

Following a short but rather intensive race for votes the Year 5 children and also the whole of the school staff were given ballot papers and asked to mark an ‘X’ in the box to choose their preferred party.

The much anticipated, exciting announcement of the official result was made soon after the polling stations had closed.