We have jumped into action in Year 5 during the Spring term, as we began our new topic, Flight.

There was a great buzz about the work we put into preparing for our Class Assembly. Everyone contributed to producing an excellent performance. We shared our knowledge of flight pioneers the Wright Brothers, and compared their hard work and how they made a great team with the rather less successful attempt at flight made by Daedalus and his impetuous son, Icarus. This made rather a splash amongst some of the younger members of the school as they found themselves 'soaked' with water from the Aegean Sea! Year 5 love to sing and we hope everyone else enjoyed 'Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines' as much as we did.

We begin each morning with our Six A Day work to get our maths brains ticking and this is usually accompanied by a piece of music which links to the  theme of the week. So far this week we have enjoyed 'I Believe I Can Fly' and 'Daydream Believer', can you guess what other songs we might hear this week?

Our new class book this term has been 'There is a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom' by Louis Sachar. This is a very enlightening story about a boy who struggles to fit in at school untill he is helped by a kind counsellor at the school who helps him discover that if he is nice to people then they will often be nice back; understandably this comes as quite a revelation to him. We have worked hard to explore the book in great detail the discussions that it has provoked have been really interesting.

As a way to experience our topic at first hand we are looking forward to seeing the awesome display at the Royal Air Force Museum in Hendon (class mascot, Captain Alan Lancaster, especially keen to show us all the airplanes that he flew before he retired from the RAF!). In the meantime we have made our own airplanes (paper) and created our own companies to sell them. We were so uplifted by a workshop on the mechanics and forces of flight that we decided to see what was involved in the real airplane production process. It turns out that we have some great marketing executives in Year 5 and some budding engineers. However there is still some doubt about how successful the business tactic of selling your own company after only one order was, or indeed if it is wise to try to sue your only customer for getting upset that you didn't make what they had ordered!

As usual, the experiences that we have to share from our home life are great to build on the learning we do at school. Did you know that in our class survey we found that either a child or a family member had flown to over 35 cdifferent destinations and on over 25 different airlines. The Wright Brothers would have been proud.

We are also proud that we are planning to take part in the Red Nose Day fun this year to help raise money for charity. Alongside the activities in and around school during the second week of March Year 5 will be selling home made funny candy. Mr Ward hopes that we do not eat it all before we manage to bring it in!

This term we have also become bloggers once again. We are keen to share our creative writing and you will find something for everyone on our class blog at http://kidblog.org/MrWardsClass-10/ .

Watch this space for news of our visit to Mount Grace School to take part in a dance festival. If you happen to see any Year 5 children suddenly begin swinging and swaying then you know that they are just practicing the routine that the visiting Mount Grace dance students have taught us - don't be alarmed!