Mrs Dowdall's class.

On Wednesday 10th June Years 3 and 4 became Roman citizens for the day to launch the second half of our topic Horrible Histories. We had a fantastic day.

In the morning the hall was transformed into a Roman market place. Children had the opportunity to make various Roman artefacts including fresco paintings, mosaic tiles, potions for the apothecary, inks from natural resources, clay pots, wax tablets and a Roman lamp, even crushing olives to make the oil for it. Mr Smith, the local merchant, had a number of helpers throughout the morning who had to barter to sell their wares. Some children decided to sell the things they made to the merchant, after asking Jupiter to bless them at the temple. Others were sent to obtain more resources for their masters. There was some very hard bargaining going on and it was clear that a number of our children will make excellent negotiators when they grow up! Some of the children were Roman doctors, learning that crushed spider's legs were recommended for some ailments - funnily enough that one was not popular. We learned that honey is an antibiotic and the Romans used it as a cure for many ills. Some children were grinding seeds to make ink for writing and paint for their fresco art. Slaves were bought during the morning and it was important that they had a skill to make them more valuable. We had artists, gladiators, musicians and a doctor, all of whom would make their mistress very wealthy. Some did have teeth missing but the mistress decided that their skills outweighed this minor detail. 

During the morning we were sent news of Boudicca's revolt and the burning of Londinium, Verulameum and Camulodunum. Luckily our town was just outside modern day Cambridge, Duriloponte, so we were saved from the immediate danger. We had to 'pray' to the Gods, Minerva and Jupiter to protect us.

In the afternoon we were treated to a banquet in teh presence of the local Governor which included 'wine' served in goblets, bread, cheese and grapes. A big thank you also to Ellie Weaver's auntie who made Roman marching bread and also wedding cake for our feast. Both of these were delicious.

During the banquet entertainment was provided. A group of actors performed Aesop's fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, dancers entertained with an enchanting routine and a cohort of Roman soldiers demonstrated their marching prowess. Slaves served the banquet and did a splendid job.

To learn more about the day, please see the slideshow below. Can you identify the different activities ? Who was the Governor? Who were the slaves?

On Thursday 7th May, year 4 classes from local primary schools were invited to take part in the 2015 Technology Challenge sponsored by the Potters Bar Rotary Club. Little Heath, Wroxham and Oakmere were the other 3 schools that took part in the competition.

The focus this year was Jitterbugs. Children had to make a jitterbug using a platform, electrical circuit and a motor. They tested different arrangements for the components and added blue tack to different parts of the apparaturs to see what changes this made to the way the jitterbugs moved. Some whizzed around in circles, others careered along a straighter path, but fun was had as some of the blue tack flew missile like across the school hall.

Once the platform had been assembled and the jitterbug was moving, the children could create a design for their creation. There was great diversity in the themes chosen, from minibeasts to aliens, birds, Minecraft characters and even a footballer scoring a goal.

Once the jitterbugs were complete the children showed the audience their finished articles and demonstrated how well they moved. The Rotary Club members then chose the winners, based on the deisgns the children had created. The judging was made difficult this year as all of the jitterbugs were of a very high standard.

However, Leah B, Lauren M, Liam J and Daniel N from Ladbrooke were delighted to be announced as the winners for their inventive designs and were presented with the winners plaque.

Well done team Ladbrooke - a fabulous effort!! We are all extremely proud of you, you are a credit to the school.

Have a look at their winning designs in the photo gallery below. What would you have made?

On Friday 1st May Years 3 and 4 visited the Chiltern Open Air Museum as part of our Horrible Histories topic. The museum provided workshops on Stone Age and Iron Age living.

For the Stone Age part of the visit the children learned how to be hunter gatherers, foraging for eggs (we were beaten to the punch by a magpie who found one of the eggs before we did!), capturing a wild boar and learning about the nomadic life that Stone Age dwellers led. A tribe leader was nominated - he's the one with the deer skull - and we 'moved' south to follow the food. Once at the new site the children made shelters, used natural pigments, found out what it was like to wear animal skins, learned about lighting fires, cooking hazelnuts and even cooked eggs they had found, on the open fire.

In the Iron Age house there were a number of tasks that had to be completed, which included combing out wool, beating cream to make butter, making pots, using sand trays to create pictures and making flour from wheat to make bread. Outside the children learned how to weave a fence to keep their gardens and livestock safe from predators which would have included bears and wolves!

Everyone had a fantastic day as you can see from the photo gallery below!


As part of our Incredible Inventions topic, year 4 have made balloon powered cars. The children created a symmetrical shape for the body of their car, thinking about the effect of streamlining.They decorated them and used a balloon to power them.

The grand finale was a class race. Unfortunately, some fared better than others, but this led us to think about what was stopping the cars from travelling as well, and what we could do to improve our design, using the knowledge we gained from our science topic of Friction.

As you can see from the photos, we had fun racing them even if they didn't go very far. Lewis Hamilton need not worry just yet!

As and end to our Raquet skills unit of work in PE, Potters Bar Tennis Club kindly agreed to let us use their courts to enable the chidlren to experience playing on proper courts.

We had a beautiful sunny morning for our visit and the chidlren really enjoyed being able to put their skills into practise. Some children brought along their own raquets and it was great to see so many budding Andy Murrays on the court! Some of the children already attend the junior practise sessions at the club, so they were keen to show off their skills.

Well done Year 4, you worked really hard to improve your control and accuracy.

As you can see from the photos below, everyone had a great morning.