On Thursday 5th May, four children from Year 4 attended the annual Technology Challenge sponsored by Brookmans Park Round Table at Oakmere School. The four were Lily-Ella Hodge, Poppy Taylor, Oliver Harris and Stefan Genes, accompanied by Mr Smith.

In the morning session the children made rockets and learned about streamlining and aero-dynamics. Once they had completed their rockets, they went outside and launched them using puff power first, then a foot pump. Having completed their initial rockets, they then had to create a larger version, this time attaching wings to see if they could make their rocket travel further. The chidlren could choose their own design for the wings, some had smaller rocket style fins, while others chose much larger plane style wings. 

Once their rockets were completed, the children went outside and this time their rockets were to be launched using a compressor. The winner was the person whose rocket flew the furthest. First the groups had to decide which of their four rockets was the best. The team agreed that Oliver's rocket should be the one to enter the final, so with everyone holding their breath, Oliver stepped forward to have his rocket launched.

3-2-1 LAUNCH! The whole team was delighted when Oliver's rocket sailed through the air and pipped everyone else to the post by travelling the furthest. On their return to school the children were very excited to share thier news and we now await the return of the trophy with the Ladbrooke names engraved for 2016.