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The children are having great fun in the mud. Quote of the day "I'm not having a shower I'm going feral!". Also "That macaroni cheese was almost as good as my Dad's, actually... it was better!" Ooops.

Outrage as squirrels dared to eat M&S cookies
-Mrs Dowdall on the warpath!

Mrs Dowdall "Hot chocolate anyone?" Child "Make mine a whisky!"

Year 4.


On Wednesday 29th June, Year 4's intrepid explorers set off for a few nights under canvas at Cuffley Camp. Accompanied by Mrs Dowdall, Mr Smith and Mrs Wilkinson, the children took part in many different activities that they would not normally be able to do in their school surroundings. These included Pond Dipping, Assault Course, Nature Trail, Up and Under Challenge, Group Problem Solving and Shelter Buiding.

During the pond dipping activity the chidlren were surprised at just how many different types of creature they were able to spot, living in the ponds and fortunately the only thing dipped were the nets - no wet chidlren!

A particular favourite was the shelter building where the chidlren worked well as a group supporting each other to build some very impresseive structures. the true test, of course, was whether or not the shelters were waterproof. With much glee the children scrambled inside for the watering can test. Amid shrieks and gales of laughter, some shelters proved more robust than others, and there were more than a few damp campers by the end of the activity. Nevertheless, everyone had a great time and learned some basic survival skills.

The Group Problem Solving activity also showed how well the children in Year 4 support each other. From braving a raging inferno, herding sheep, crossing shark infested waters and crocodile haunted lagoons the children discussed, supported and cajoled each other through the tasks.

For many of the children it was there first adventure away from home and they were amazing, enabling them to demonstrate a degree of independence and maturity. Some of the best quotes were, "This is the best day ever!", "I never thought I would be able to do that".

On the last night, the traditional 'Cuffley's Got Talent' Show took place, with some very special guests as the judges, breaking with their normal schedule to join us for the evening's entertainment. We were thrilled with a wide variety of acts including dancers, comedians and singers, all of whom gave the judges a very difficult task.

We returned to school on the Friday afternoon, exhausted and perhaps a little muddy, but with  a massive sense of achievement from the actitivites of the 3 days.