On Friday 1st May Years 3 and 4 visited the Chiltern Open Air Museum as part of our Horrible Histories topic. The museum provided workshops on Stone Age and Iron Age living.

For the Stone Age part of the visit the children learned how to be hunter gatherers, foraging for eggs (we were beaten to the punch by a magpie who found one of the eggs before we did!), capturing a wild boar and learning about the nomadic life that Stone Age dwellers led. A tribe leader was nominated - he's the one with the deer skull - and we 'moved' south to follow the food. Once at the new site the children made shelters, used natural pigments, found out what it was like to wear animal skins, learned about lighting fires, cooking hazelnuts and even cooked eggs they had found, on the open fire.

In the Iron Age house there were a number of tasks that had to be completed, which included combing out wool, beating cream to make butter, making pots, using sand trays to create pictures and making flour from wheat to make bread. Outside the children learned how to weave a fence to keep their gardens and livestock safe from predators which would have included bears and wolves!

Everyone had a fantastic day as you can see from the photo gallery below!