Year 2 at Whipsnade Zoo

Here are some extracts from the recounts that the children wrote about the trip.

Yesterday we went to an exciting zoo called Whipsnade. It was great. First we went on a big white coach. My partner and me sat on the top. It was very scarey and very exciting. My partner was called Krish. He's a very nice boy.

Then we got off the coach and we were waiting in the line and finally we were in the zool


When I got off the coach I went to see the chimpanzees. On the way I saw the lemurs. Then we headed to the giraffes. It was quite a long walk. On the way I saw some lazy bisons.


First we saw lemurs. Lemurs are good climbers because their tails are so long so they can be the best climbers.


When we got there we were so excited to see the lemurs. Oh, yes, and we also saw lazy chimpanzees. After that we saw very tall giraffes and the giraffes had the stinkiest enclosure out of all the animals in the whole, entire zoo.


I also saw a tiger. It was hiding so we tried to look for it but we couldn't find it. When we went on, Mrs Mankodi's group found the tiger. We all gor really excited and saw the tiger.

After that, we had some fruit for a snack because we were waiting for our turn at the workshop. But then another school thought it was their turn and took our workshop so we decided we would have lunch there.


We went to the tigers. I saw a picture on the wall. Mrs Trott told me not to bang on it in case the tigers were in there so I ran.


The sealions were my second favourite. Oh yes! The California Sea lion because it looked funny. I wanted to see it swim but we were looking inside and it was probably outside. We had a look outside but it was probably having lunch.


After we went to the butterfly house and one of the big, blue butterflies landed on me.


We looked at the elephants and one of them was getting lots of hugs.


We went to see the elephants and thre was a baby elephant. After we saw the rhinos and they were covered in mud. And then we went back to the school.


Then I went to the butterfly house. One of the butterflies came on my head. I saw lots of butterflies in there. Loads.

It was a really fun day.





Our Wonderful World

Year 2 have started to learn about the wonderful world that we live in. So far we have learnt that there are 7 continents (which we can sing to you), 5 oceans and many, many countries.

We are travelling around the world learning something about each continent that we get to. We started in the UK and learnt about our own continent of Europe. We found out about the art work of Piet Mondrian, one of the many famous European artists in Europe. We painted some pictures in the style of Mondrian, but instead of using the primary colours of red, blue and yellow, we mixed the secondary colours of orange, green and purple and used these. You can see some of our paintings below.

Moving on from Europe we crossed the Atlantic Ocean to North America. We learnt a bit about Christopher Columbus, the first European to really open up the route to America. We discovered that the  largest country in North America was Canada, but the most famous was probably the U.S.A. When trying to think of a famous American many of us came up with the President, Donald Trump as he seems to be on the news a lot these days!

Hurrying on, we went South to South America where we learnt about the largest country there - Brazil. We found out that a lot of Brazil is in the Amazon Rainforest which is a hot, humid place because it is close to the Equator. We learnt about some of the fascinating animals that live in the rainforest and we painted these animals and wrote reports about them. You can see the results below.

Next stop is Africa, Asia and Australia before we finish up in cold, cold Antarctica. Come back soon to find out what we learnt about these parts of the world.