Two years have passed since aliens were last spotted at Ladbrooke school, but on January 5th 2017 aliens appeared again. This time they were accompanied by quite a few astronauts and space explorers all eager to learn what the clever humans in Year 1 and Year 2 learn at Ladbrooke school.

The aliens started the day with something that humans call assembly. They all had to go into something called the hall where the chief human showed them all sorts of pictures of earth objects. It was rather strange as the humans there couldn't seem to recognise what many of the objects could aliens possibly work it out.

Back in the classroom it was time to learn how to write in human language. Humans use pointy wooden sticks to is important to hold them up the right way apparently. The aliens quickly learnt how to write a few useful sentences...such as 'Take me to your leader' and 'We come in peace'.

IMG 0256IMG 0257

IMG 0259IMG 0260

Once they had mastered the skill of human writing, it was time to move on to maths. Apparently humans often use the little tentacles that they call fingers to work out the answers to maths problems. Luckily aliens have plenty of legs, eyes and tentacles and they were soon able to work out multiplicaion problems using these.

IMG 0302

Humans seem to have a special machine that makes things really small and flat so that they can stick them to the wall as decoration. They call these photographs. Mrs Wilkinson used her machine to make lots of photographs but luckily this didn't hurt at all.

The aliens thought it was a better idea to draw pictures of themselves using pastels.

IMG 0268IMG 0269IMG 0271IMG 0272

IMG 0274IMG 0276

IMG 0277IMG 0278

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IMG 0283IMG 0284IMG 0287IMG 0286

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IMG 0290IMG 0291

IMG 0292IMG 0293

The aliensalso had a go at something called painting to show us what their planets look like. Apparently sky is not always blue or grey like it is on earth.

IMG 0294IMG 0297

I don't know where Year 2 were while all this was going on. Hopefully they will be back at school tomorrow!