As this school year, draws towards its end, Year 2 have been experiencing what it might have been like to be a child in Victorian Times.

Read this wonderful recount of our day written by Emma and then look at our lovely pictures.

Would you have liked to live in the Victorian Era



My Life as a Victorian, by Emma     IMG 6497

On Thursday, we went ot the Royal Gunpower Mills. We all had an excellent day. I'm going to tell you about it now.

In the morning we all came n as normal. Everyone was very fancy with their costumes on and their dresses. The journey was 20 minutes long so we were quite early.

First we saw a Victorian woman, she told us that because we were in 2016 we had to go through a magic time machine. Our first activity was to learn to play with Victorian toys. We had lots of fun. How difficult those toys were! The lady also talked about other toys we couldn't play with n case they broke. Poor children had to play games like cup and ball or five stones.

IMG 6358

Next we learnt avout Victorians and the seaside. We learnt that one lady ahd a thirteen inch waist. Also my friends Ben and Mia got to wear Victorian swimming costumes. In those days there was this group of children who were given one day some chicken pie and pickles. To them it was a feast, but to us it was normal lunch. The most funny part of our second activity was when we learnt avout ice-cream. How strange it was to us to have to pay a penny to like out of the same tub as everyone else!

IMG 6374

After that it was time for lunch. There was a beautiful, grassy field for us to play on. When lunch was over it was time to help Mrs Blackenberry at her house. First we had to scrub some dusty shoes until our arms were aching. Next we had to clean some tablecloths with a washboard and dolly pegs.

IMG 6461IMG 6472IMG 6430

Next it was time to go to school. What a horrible school it was! There was a large desk in front of the classroom. I got to write in a workbook with ink on that desk, it was a lot of fun at school.

IMG 6502IMG 6491

Finally it was time to go back to school. It was a very short journey so we got back quickly. The we got all our things and went home.




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