Friday 8th January 2015 was a very strange day in Key Stage 1 at Ladbrooke School. It seems that all the Year 1 and 2 children and teachers were abducted by aliens and held captive for the day. In their place, the classrooms were filled by a strange group of visitors from some far away planet. These strange looking creatures then proceeded to move throughout Ladbrooke school. At first it was not clear if they 'came in peace' or if they were looking for more humans to conduct their strange experiments or even for a tasty snack. Luckily it soon became clear that all these aliens really wanted was to find out what the strange wooden sticks that humans all seem to hold are for. They were also interested in finding out why humans seem to spend so long staring at pieces of white paper with black marks on and how humans fit into those very tiny space ships that are hanging up outside the boxes called Year 5 and Year 6! The aliens were very alarmed to see that humans can somehow flatten other humans, make them really tiny and then hang them on walls...but they felt better when it was explained that these are just photographs and no humans are harmed making them. The aliens then agreed that they could be photographed and here are some of the results.


Eventually the alien visitors began to understand more about Earth and soon they began to write messages in human language. They learnt English so quickly that they even completed their Space Log that day in human English writing. You can read copies of these logs on our alien display.

Here they are puzzling over some of the strange spellings that we have in English as they write their log entries.


We have heard that the children and teachers of Years 1 and 2 have now been released from captivity and are expected to return to school unharmed on Monday.  Our alien visitors have since returned to their home planet full of interesting stories to tell about their exciting day at Ladbrooke.