This December Year 2 worked together with Year 1 on a brilliant Christmas show. It was called Baubles and was all about a school caretaker called Mr Potts who made some very special baubles for the school Christmas tree. Each of these baubles had a picture that showed part of the story of the very first Christmas over 2000 years ago in Bethlehem. We practised singing the songs like a choir of angels and speaking our lines in loud, crystal clear voices. We hope you enjoyed watching the show as much as we enjoyed doing it.

Here are some pictures to remind you of what we did.


Our wonderful narrators


Our incredible teachers

The clever children of Kidbrooke school

Meanwhile 2000 years ago there were some very wisemen

Some busy travellers

Innkeepers with no room!

Mary, Joseph and their donkey eventually found somewhere to stay

The angels told the shepherds...and woke up most of the sheep


And Mr Potts was surprised when the children of Kidbrooke made the last bauble for the tree

It was a beautiful tree and a wonderful show

Merry Christmas everyone!