The topic this term has been ‘Our wonderful world’. The children visited butterfly world where they learned about insects and butterflies.


The children had a workshop where they learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. They had the opportunity to see butterflies emerging from their chrysalis. The children asked many interesting questions about butterflies and they found out that butterflies taste with their feet and smell with their antennae.


During this workshop some children were very brave and held real insects such as: snails and cockroaches.

We then visited the ‘Ant House’ and saw the ants at work building and carrying leaves twice the size of their bodies. The children were given a short talk about what the colony consists of: the builder ants, soldier ants, cutter ants, cleaner ants and the queen ant that they all protected. Adults and children learned many different facts about ants. These were some that the children remembered the most:


The Queen Ant lays150 million eggs in her lifetime.

The Queen Ant can live up to 10 years and is the size of a baby mouse.