Sadly, it is not possible to welcome next year's Reception class to come and play at Ladbrooke this term, so instead we have put together this tour of the setting to give you an idea of what to look forward to in the Autumn Term.  Please click here for a copy of the transition booklet




Children in Nursery and Reception at Ladbrooke can now benefit from a fabulous new outdoor environment created especially for them.

Award-winning outdoor play specialists, Cool Canvas, landscaped much of the existing Foundation Stage playground and installed a range of bespoke equipment. These include a brand new texture kitchen, a construction shed, bug hotel, wildflower and grass area (popularly know as our 'meadow') a Secret Garden and, most popular of all, a natural climbing structure complete with rope bridge, balance beam and monkey bars.

News news - read all about it! The Foundation Stage nativity play - Angel Express - was a huge hit with proud parents, grandparents, friends and the rest of the school. After practising very hard, the children in Reception and Nursery pulled off star performances which wowed their families and left the crowd wanting more. The applause was deafening and there was even a tear or two from members of the audience as they were carried away by the emotion of the moment. Well done Foundation Stage - watch out for these faces in future Oscar ceremonies...

Reception and Nursery went on a joint Autumn Walk to Parkfield Open Space. We explored the woods - looking carefully at the many beautiful colours. We also collected leaves, moss and sticks to bring back to the classroom so that we could examine them more closely.

We made mud monster faces on trees using clay and fallen leaves, berries and twigs. They were great fun to make and each one was unique.

For Science and History Week (17th-21st October), Foundation 2 became meteorologists and learned all about the weather. We found out about Vice-admiral Robert Fitzroy and how he used his observations to predict the weather. Then we made our own weather observations by making a rain gauge and recording how much water was collected over the week.