Foundation 2 wanted to send a birthday card to the Queen's for her 90th birthday. We discussed what we should do - Johnny wanted one big card from the everyone, while James preferred to make individual cards. In the end we decided that everyone could draw their own pictures then stick them on the card. We found out that there were 28 children today, and everyone agreed that it would only be fair if all the pictures were the same size. At first we estimated that we would be able to fit 28 A4 pieces of paper on the card, but when we tried, there was only room for four. Mrs Doolan to made the paper smaller for us. We tried again, and this time we could fit more on but still only eight pieces. We asked Mrs Doolan to cut the paper in half again and we managed to fit 18 pieces of paper on. Zophia suggested that, instead of cutting the paper, we could fold it. Everyone thought this was a good idea because it would look like lots of cards - just like James wanted.

Johnny and Zopfia folded 28 pieces of paper and arranged them carefully on the card. We then discussed in which direction the cards should open - portrait or landscape. Johnny said we should ask the children in the class to vote for the way they wanted by putting up their hand. The way with the most hands up would win. Johnny conducted the vote. All the children decorated their cards and we stuck them on. Finally, Mrs Doolan tweeted the picture to the Queen.