This term in Foundation 2, a tiny door appeared on the wall.
We had some ideas about what was behind it.
Ali and Lukas thought it might be a snake.
Ali and Lukas thought it might be a snake.
Shiraz thought it could be a turtle.
Dominic was convinced it was a fly.
Rosie was sure penguins lived inside.
Caitlin was worried it belonged to a spider.
Ben thought it looked about the right size for a duckling.
And Jasmine imagined that a rainbow caterpillar lived behind the door.
Harry thought we should hide and maybe the door would open.
We hid outside the classroom and watched really quietly. It didn
Thomas said we should record the door to see if anything came out. We left some banana and filmed overnight. We didn
When we read in an Amelia Jane story that fairies liked to play with marbles, we thought we would try leaving some outside the door. We placed them in wet sand so that we could see clearly if they had been moved .
The next morning the marbles had been rolled around the sand and there were lots of tiny footprints left behind.One of the marbles went missing. We think it went inside the door.
One morning we noticed two green leaf-shaped chairs outside the door.
Then one day we found a tiny envelope left in front of the door.
We opened it and inside there was a letter wishing us luck in Year 1.
We saw a newspaper article about other doors that had appeared.
It said a man called Mr Alexander was investigating them. He worked at the Ministry for Fairy Folk.
So we wrote to him to tell him about our door.
He was very interested in our discovery and came to see it for himself. He took pictures of the door and measured it. He wrote it all down.
He told us that fairy doors are different sizes and different shapes. They are popping up everywhere.
One door on a tree was open and they sent a robot in to look inside. The robot didn
The information he collected was going into a special report.
In the meantime, we wanted to write back to the fairies so we made a postbox and sent LOTS of letters to them.
The next day we found a bottle of fairy dust outside our magic door. We think it is to say thank you for all the letters.
This term in Foundation 2, a tiny door appeared on the wall.

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