January 2022

Ice Ice Baby - how a story about the Antarctic prompted an investigation into ice.

After reading 'Lost and Found', a group of Reception children wanted to find out more about the South Pole. Our first step was to find information in books and on the internet and our search led us to video about Antarctica. In it, we watched how scientists measured the depth of ice to to test whether it was strong enough to walk on. How strong was ice? It was an interesting question.The group suggested making different thicknesses of ice by freezing containers with water filled to the top, half way or just covering the bottom.

After leaving them overnight, it was time to test how easily the ice could be broken. The thinnest ice didn't even make it out of the container and the ice from the half-full container smashed from a low height. The full depth ice, however, was VERY strong and a drop from around 50cm only chipped the edges. It took a proper throw on the concrete floor to break it into three pieces.

Everyone agreed that there was more to be learned about the ice so we decided to find out how long it would take to melt in different situations. One piece was placed in the sun, another in the shade and the last piece was placed in a bookbag (safely inside a plastic bag, of course). We found that the ice placed in the sun melted in less than an hour, but the piece in the bag was still partly ice at the end of the day. The ice in the shade was still the same size at the end of the day.

October 2021

Welcome to the new school year in Foundation Stage. There was a real buzz at the beginning of the term, with everyone keen to put the uncertainty of the last 18 months behind them and start afresh. The children wasted no time in getting to know us, their new friends and their environment. Now as the weather is beginning to turn, we are exploring the changes that we can see taking place around us. Click on the image below to see what we have been doing in our first half term.


July 2021

If you go down to the woods today... 

...you might meet Nursery and Reception enjoying the fabulous Forest School that Mr and Mrs Dobson held for us. Reception took part in a Supertato hunt and the treasure turned out to be yummy marshmallows. Mr Dobson lit a fire with a 'Dragon Sneeze' and showed us how to kneel safely next to the flames so we could toast the marshmallows and cinnamon apples. Next we made crowns which we decorated with leaves, twigs and flowers that we found around the Owl House.

Nursery started their adventure with a teddy bear hunt before toasting marshmallows and cinnamon apples too. Everyone was very careful and listened to the instructions to have a safe and scrumptious time. The morning ended with a game of Duck Duck Goose and everyone agreed it was the most fun EVER!

Thank you Kevin and Lucy - WE LOVE FOREST SCHOOL!


Physical Development in EYFS

This term Mr. Palmer has been leading our PE sessions. Whilst the main aim was to practise a range of gross motor skills, we also found lots of opportunities to promote Listening and Attention and Personal, Social and Emotional Development too. Listening to and following instructions has been imperitive to these sessions and we have seen the children paying close attention to the guidance given in order to develop their skills further. Working with a partner and sharing resources is not something that always comes easy in Early Years, but over the last few weeks we have really noticed some great progress. The children always look forward to these sessions and have made huge improvements with spatial awareness, moving with control, balance, throwing and catching, both individually and with a partner.

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas... December 2020

The children in Reception and Nursery have really enjoyed making these cute tree decorations to raise money for the school. Each child chose their preferred design from a snowman, Santa or Rudolph, then added their unique touches. They are all very proud of the results and we think you'll agree that they will add a lovely festive or seasonal feel to your home. The pictures have been uploaded individually so you can see them up close. They are available to buy through the School Gateway service and cost £1.50.

Reception decorations

Nursery decorations