Vegetable soup - January 2019

This week we read 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French and it sparked a conversation about our likes and dislikes when it comes to vegetables. Everyone thought it would be fun to make vegetable soup so we got carrots, onions, potatoes and stock powder and had a go. The children used child-friendly knives and did all their own chopping. The soup was cooked and blended in a special type of kettle then the soup was taken home in cups to be eaten for supper. Mmmm, yummy.


Growing our beanstalks - January 2019

We have been reading books about growing, including Jack and the Beanstalk and Jasper's Beanstalk. This has inspired us to plant our own beans and observe what happens. We put butter beans in clear plastic cups with cotton wool and water.


We labelled them and put them on the window sill so they had plenty of light.



We measured beanstalks and used pretend ones to practise our fine motor skills too.



We also mixed blue and yellow to make our own green paint with which to paint pictures of beanstalks.


New beginnings in Nursery - October 2018

It has been a VERY busy half term for the children in Nursery: new friends to make; surroundings to explore; routines to learn; activities to try; and resources to use. Not surprising, then, that our focus has been on Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED). This area of learning is fundamental to all other areas of development and learning, with motivation, social skills and confidence being described as 'super skills'.

Starting a new nursery is an enormous challenge and we are so proud of how all our children have adjusted. Below are some pictures that show their progress so far.


Travelling through our topic - March 2018

Our learning over the Spring Term has been inspired by the wonderful story books we have read as part of our 'Incredible Journeys' topic. From playing in the Big Red Bath role play area, to building rockets for Baby Bear in 'Whatever Next!' - our imaginations have been stretched far beyond ordinary modes of transport.

We practised cutting and assembling while making split-pin pirates, and the classroom became a hanger for a range of paper aeroplanes, gliders and straw-shooters.

'The Hundred Decker Bus' and 'Naughty Bus' led to lots of counting activities, while 'Room on the Broom' gave rise to lots of measuring and comparing of broomsticks.

Foundation's Rainy Day - November 2017

One very wet morning, the children of Nursery and Reception went outside to explore the weather. We also learned which of our coats were waterproof!