Home Learning Booklet Year 5

School Closure Home Learning

Please find work for each day posted here. Try to keep to a regular routine so that you are able to have a go at the work at a time when you are fresh and your brain is functioning best. Keep healthy and make good choices about how you work - you are in control of your learning. There are other things happening in our world which will get better in time. By focusing on the things you can control, you will be able to stay happy. This is my most important task for you and you should think about it every day. Look after yourselves.

Mr Ward.

Week Two 

Friday 3rd April (Rainbow Friday)

I have had to rename today due to all the amzing rainbow creations that you have shared with me. I will pass them on today and I am sure that they will make others smile as much as they made me smile and that they will help to bring a little much needed brightness into their day.



Give yourself a pat on the back if you have kept up with Joe all week, my knee has been a little sore this week and I have had to miss out a few of the exercises, but I can tell you that my favourite one this week was the sword lunge and I did enjoy pretending to play the guitar along with little Indie the other day! Join in with today's workout by clicking on the link. (PS I heard that some children have been putting their Ladbrooke PE kit on to do their workout - if you want to share a picture then we can share them in a workout picture gallery.) Click here -  PE with Joe




Mr Matley's Maths Mindfulness

Thre would have been 140 finger nails to check before the netball game and the game would have taken a total of 40 minutes to complete. I hope you found these answers.

There is an activity on the link below for a game to play to help you learn about compass bearings. (I played this yesterday but instead of using pieces of paper, I used some teddies. If you do this you could set up a teddy bears picnic for after the game. Maybe you could read your bears the excellent story you wrote earlier in the week.)

Find the activity here -  Finding Your Bearings Game


Today's Tasks

Maths: I know that some of you have been missing the opportunity to practice your maths arithmetic skills, so I have added the next test we were due to do in class below. Please do not get worried by this, I am only adding it becuase I know that some of you are missing the routine of school and this would have part of our routine for this week. Maybe you could do it alongside one of your parents and share your working out.

Spring Test 6 page 1

Spring Test 6 page 2



  • I know how hard you have working on the decimals from the White Rose actvities. This is the link to the lessons on percentages (lessons 3, 4 and 5 - Week 2). We will come back to percentages later in the year but if you get a chance to at least watch these lessons at some point then that will be enough for now (of course if you want to, you can have a go at the activities too - but, again, I know how hard you have been working and I do not want you to feel that if you don't you will fall behind. That is not the case - I am 100 % more interested in your happiness rather than your maths currently.)



  •  Here is a picture of a familiar place. Have a go at writing about the picture. Be creative - maybe it could be a letter from you to the classroom, telling it about what you have been doing, or maybe a letter from the class room to you, perhaps you could write a poem about the picture. 



  •  Art: Here are two nice activites that you could have a go at. Have a close look at the iages and see if you can work out how to create these elephant projects.

elephant hand


milk bottle elephant


Next week is the beginning of the Easter holidays. They will be a bit strange this year but I know that some of you are already planning your Easter Egg hunts at home. I hope you manage to get some nice chocolate - I think we all deserve a little bit of something nice!

As it will be the holidays, I will not be posting any work for you to do - you have earned a break! Work will start again at the end of the holidays, on Monday April 20th. However, I know that in this current situation that you may like to have some ideas for activities to keep you busy, so later on today I will be posting some ideas for things you might like to try out and of course you have your home learning booklets to have a go at also. 

In the meantime, I wil be looking after my own family, but I want you to know that - just like all teachers - I consider every child who comes into my class to be a part of my family. I care about how you are and about you being able to learn all the things that you need to able to have happy successful lives. Therefore, if you or your parents have any questions for me or you just want to send me message then you know my email address. It would be great to hear from all of you at least once to let me know how you are. 

Take care of yourselves and eachother.

Mr Ward.


Thursday 2nd April

Good morning. 

If you are well enough this morning you could start the day with a shake up with Joe Wicks PE with Joe 

I hope that you are getting the chance to be active in lots of other ways - I know it can be more than a little frustrating to be at home for so long and a good way to manage that frustration is to use up some energy. So I hope that some of you are also remembering to keep up with your Skip 2B Fit workouts or maybe the yoga salutations.


Mr Matley's Maths Mindfulness 

The answer to the devilishly difficult problem was: The captain could arrange the team selection in a total of 181,440 different combinations. No wonder it is such a problem to select your best team!

Have a go at these questions today.

1. Before a netball game, played between two teams, the umpire usually checks that all the players have short fingernails, for safety.  There are seven players on each team.  How many nails have to be checked before the game?

2. Netball games are played in quarters. Each quarter lasts nine minutes.  As well as the four quarters, there is a two-minute break at half-time, and a one-minute break between the other quarters.  How long does the game take to complete in total?


Now for a maths activity for all the family:

How fast are your reactions?

How quickly can you catch a falling ruler?  Can you do it in a shorter time than Mr Matley, whose record is 0.12 seconds? 

To find out, you will need a ruler (preferably 30cm or more), a calculator (or an app on your phone or computer), and somebody to help you.

Ask your helper to hold the ruler vertically, with the 0 cm mark pointing down.  Put your finger and thumb around the 0 cm mark, without actually touching the ruler.  Then tell your helper to wait a few seconds, and then drop the ruler, without warning you.

Catch it as quickly as you can, and note where your finger and thumb are gripping it; write down how many centimetres it has fallen - be accurate here to the nearest millimetre. Then use a calculator as follows:

1. Enter the number of centimetres, for example 19.5.

2. Divide by 490, and press =.

3. Press the square root button (labelled with a symbol that looks like a tick √ , or SQRT).

The answer shown will be your reaction time - how long it took for you to catch the ruler.

Suppose the distance is 19.5 centimetres: this gives you a reaction time of about 0.199 seconds, which is quite slow.  Is yours better?

Try testing the reactions of everyone in your house.  Who can catch a falling ruler the quickest? Can everyone catch it all?


  •  Follow the link to head over to White Rose Lesson 2 Step 7 - Order and Compare Decimals 
  • Remember to write it into your books and try to stay as neat as possible.


  • Spellings. Below are the spellinglist cards for Year 5 and 6, and also the Full list of Statutory Spellings for Year 5 and 6. This list contains all the words that you should know how to spell (and how to use in your writing) bythe end of Year 6. When I mark your writing, I am always on the lookout to see if you have selected to use any of these words. Using the card lists, can you find all of the Year 5 and 6 words and tick them on the full list? Are they all there?





As you might have seen, on your daily excercise outing, some people have been putting rainbows in their windows recently. The rainbows are bright and they are intended to bring a little bit of light and hope to people who see them. At this time, small acts like this can mean a lot and it may help somebody to have a better day if they see one in a window. You may have already made one yourself at home. Some people who will certainly need some brightness to help them deal with difficult days are those people who will be working in the hospitals to help people who have become unwell. This will be hard work for them and so the NHS has asked if anyone who would like to, could send a photo picture of their rainbow to them, so that their staff and patients can see them - it may just help them to find time for a smile and give them a little hope. There is an actvity below which requires you to go on a bit of a scavenger hunt around your home, looking for bright colours.



The idea is to make your own individual rainbow made up of lots of different colourful objects and items. When you have made your rainbow, captur it on camera and send a copy of the picture to me at my email addres. I can then put the pictures on this page and also pass them on to the NHS. I know how amzingly creative you are and so I am really looking forward to seeing what you create.



Have a nice day. Be kind to yourself and to others, and don't forget to keep adding your thoughts to your personal journals. I am sure that you will look back at this time when you are older, and be able to see how a little part of your character, a good part, was being formed. 

Mr Ward.

PS I see that the TT Rockstars battle is getting closer and closer. Can you help to beat Year 6 to the victory? 


Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Year Five. 

Enjoy your morning workout with Joe Wicks https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1

No work today!

The only task is to go and take picture of a calendar. Come back here when you have found out today's date.


More of your lovely pictures to share today.


Here is an example of some work art from the secondary school KS4 curriculum. Hopefully you can see how the work you have been doing will progress into more detailed projects as you move through school. Take some time to think with your parents about how you build your understanding and skills as you move through school - can you remember what your art work from reception looked like? (I bet some of you have still got some on display somewhere in your home.)


Mr Matley's Maths Mindfulness.

Did you estimate that the ball was about 7 metres up in the air in the picture?

The devlishly difficult question still seems to be keeping you scratching your head so here is one more clue. You must multiply the number of choices the captain has for each position by eachother (9 x 8 x 7 ........) You do not need to multiply by 2 or 1 because by there are only seven places in the team. Answer tomorrow.

The perimeter of the netball court was 91.5 m.

The area of the netball court was 465.125 m2.

Well done if you found these answers.



  • I know some of you found it tricky yesterday to expalin 'the elephant in the room'. The main task was to try to make sure you understood that there was more than one meaning to the elephant story. It also related to Bradley's story because at first he never wanted to talk about the most important thing with Carla. He didn't  want to talk because he knew it would mean telling her about himself and that upset him - do you remember his emergency lie?

Here is a bit more information that might help you to think about the question:

The question is hoping to get you to understand that there is a little more to the use of the book My Parents Didn’t Steal an Elephant in the overall story. Bradley does love the book and it does turn out that there is an elephant hidden in the garage in the end. But, as readers, we know that the elephant is there long before Bradley realises it. This means that all the time we are reading the story we know that there is an important bit of information that Bradley (and the narrator in the elephant story) do not know. This is a metaphoric ‘elephant in the room’  because if the kid in the story knew about the elephant then they would realise that their parents actually did steal the elephant, but all along it is important to the story that they kept thinking the parents were innocent.

The elephant story also serves to highlight the progress that Bradley makes during the main story because the whole premise is that Bradley is the only person who does not realise that he is a good boy deep down – and the help he gets from Carla finally helps him to realise it. The scenes earlier in the book where Carla is trying to get Bradley to talk to her symbolise this because he talks in the end – but about every other subject, most of them totally outrageous (similar to the idea that the kid would eat all the peanuts). The meetings between Bradley and Carla do not initially address the real elephant in the room – why he is having so much trouble following the rules. In the end the help she gives to Bradley leads him to be able to have a better relationship with his dad – it was the trauma of his dad being shot and the criminal never being caught that had caused Bradley’s issues and fixing the relationship with his dad helps Bradley come to terms with this event.

This is a much more in depth analysis than I would be expecting you to achieve on your own but if we were in class, then over a period of time while we were reading the book together, we would gain enough of an understanding to realise that books often have more layers of meaning than at first appears. This is an important stepping stone to more sophisticated reading skills.


  • Today's writing task. Use the picture below to inspire you to write a small piece of writing. When you have finished, talk to your home school teacher about how you might edit your work to improve it. 
  • Extension: If the picture showed somebody touching another part of an elephant, how would your writing change? Could you write a second piece about another part of the elephant and challenge somebody to know what part of the elephant you were writing about eg, the tail, the leg or maybe the belly?
  • Elelphant 0


  • Spelling I know that lots of you have been practising your spellings. I will be posting the spelling lists from Year 4 and 5 and 6 later today. Follow this link to find lots if ideas about activities to help you learn your spellings. Have a go at some of them using your coloured spelling list.



Enjoy your day today, and don't forget to look out for April Fools.

Mr Ward.


Tuesday 31st March

Good morning. I hope that you enjoyed the class visit to The National Gallery yesterday. If you didn't manage to finish your pictures, you can come back to them when you get a chance. I have received some great pictures - I could hardly tell if they were the originals or not.


Have a go at PE With Joe this morning. My favourite exercise from yesterday was the Super Hero Hammer, I hope you are enjoying the sessions and have your own favourite moves.

Remember to log in and score some points for Year 5 in our Battle vs Year 6 on TT Rockstars.

Mr Matley's Maths Mindfulness

Did you find out how many netballs were in the pyramid? There were 20.

Question 2 was a bit more tricky so I am going to give you a further clue to help you to work it out.

Clue: When you come to fill position number one, there are 9 possible players who could be picked. When you come to pick position number two, there are only 8 possible players to pick from because 1 of the 9 players will already be picked for position number one. This continues for all of the positions - each time there is one less player to choose from because the other players will already have been picked for position 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. 

It is still devilishly difficult - maybe you could draw it out. The answer is a large number.

The netball team captain has to decide who will play in which position. They have a squad of nine players in total, but there are only seven different positions in a netball team to be filled. How many different ways can they arrange the team? (This is a devilishly difficult one!)

Have a go at these new puzzles from Mr Matley:

  • A. A netball court is rectangular; it is 30.5 metres long, and 15.25 metres wide.  What is the perimeter of the court? (Remember to give the unit of measurement.) Can you work out the area of the court also? (Remember to give the answer in m2)

 netball beach

  • B. In the photo, estimate how high the ball is above the ground.  Hint: Mr Matley is about 1.9 metres tall.  Measure his height on your screen using a ruler, then count how many times this goes into the distance between the ball and the ground where Mr Matley's feet are.


Today's Tasks

  • Maths  Please follow the link below to go to the White Rose Home Learning Site and have a go at Lesson 4 (Understanding Thousandths) and Lesson 5 (Thousandths as Decimals) in the Week One tab. Watch the videos and open the actvity sheets - write the work neatly into your books. Where you are asked to draw a grid, you should just find the answer on the screen and not draw a grid (it will be too fiddly!)



  • English I am sorry that we did not get to find out what happened to Bradley and Jeff in our reading book, There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom. However, I have attched a copy of some important chapters from the book in the link below. Please read this section, which includes some extracts from a book that Bradley reads called My Parents Didn't Steal An Elephant. When you are finished reading the section please try to answer the question below in your exercise books. Click on the links to read - let me know if it doesn't work for you.



Question: Explain the meaning of the phrase 'the elephant in the room', using references to the book My Parents Didnt Steal An Elephant by Uriah C. Lasso.

Have a nice day. I will post more information tomorrow about spellings work you might be doing while you are at home. 

Mr Ward.

PS I have not forgotten about the Premier League game I promised last week.


Please find instructions for a game you can play to complete the Premier League season and see who would have won the title. Have a go if you want - it might be a good maths activity for you also. Click the link below.







Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 5. I was very pleased to hear from many of your parents this weekend with lots of lovely information about how you have been getting on with your home learning. If your parents haven't yet been in touch, please ask them to send me a message to let me know how things are going. I will be giving you more feedback on your Toy Stories during the week, but for now I would like to say that I know the task was quite tricky and that you have done an amazing job on the stories. Well done.


It seems that many of you enjoyed joining Joe Wicks for your morning workout last week. Why not start the day with another workout? https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1 The good news is that by clicking on the link you will help to raise money for the NHS. All money earned by the PE with Joe YouTube videos will be donated to help the National Health Service.


Today's Tasks

  • Maths You have been working on decimal numbers and relating them to fractions. We will be returning to the White Rose lessons tomorrow but today I would like you to have a go at the questions on the sheet below. Write out the questions in your book and complete the number sentences. Read the questions carefully so you give the correct answers. Remember that decimal numbers in the tenth column represent fractions -  1/10, and decimal numbers in the hundredths column represent fractions - 1/100. Also remember that if you want to convert a fraction to a decimal number you can divide 10 or 100 by the denominator in the fraction.  Eg 1/2 as a fraction can be found by dividing 10 by 2 which equals 5, so 1/2 = 0.5. 1/4 as a fraction can be found by dividing 100 by 4 which equals 25 (10 cannot be divided by 4 to leave a whole number answer) so 1/4 = 0.25


*Sorry it is not very clear!

The fractions in the questions are:

Q2 - 3/4, Q3 - 4/5 and 1/10, Q4 - 1/4, Q5 - 5/2, Q7 - 1/5, Q8 -1/4
Up for a challenge?



  •  Friend of Year 5, Mr Matley has been in touch to find out how you all are. I asked if he could set you some questions and he came up with. As you know, Mr Matley is mad about netball; he is also mad that he can't play it right now, as can nobody in England, because we all have to stay away from each other! So he has been busy thinking of some netball-themed puzzles........ Mr Matley's Maths Mindfulness


  • 1. How many balls are in the pyramid in the photo? Remember that some of them are out of sight beneath others. Work out how many balls there are in each layer. Notice also the pictures on some of the balls, especially the one at the very top.

pyramid 1

  • 2. The netball team captain has to decide who will play in which position. They have a squad of nine players in total, but there are only seven different positions in a netball team to be filled. How many different ways can they arrange the team? (This is a devilishly difficult one!)


  • English. Have a go at correcting the mistakes in the text in the image below, so that it makes proper sense. Write out the proper version in your books. Then I would like you to try challenge 3 - but I would like you all to do your fact file about elephants. You may need to know about elephants a little later in the week so this work will help. While you are thinking about elephants, I wonder if you could find out what the phrase - 'the elephant in the room' - means?



The weather was pretty good last week and so I know lots of you managed to get out in your garden for fresh air - no reported windows smashed, so that is lucky! The weather must be as confused as the rest of us by this strange situation because when I looked out of the window yesterday morning I saw that it was snowing! The fabulous pictures you created shown in the slideshow above do not feature snow at all, but I hope you enjoy seeing what other people in the class have been creating. Can you spot the picture that Mrs Hepke has done for you?

Here is another very famous painting of flowers:


 Irises by Claude Monet


Impressionism was one of the most influential movements in modern art. Its artists focused on capturing the momentary effect of a scene rather than accurately depicting it. The “Nympheas” or Water Lilies series of Claude Monet has been described as “The Sistine Chapel of Impressionism”. It consists of approximately 250 oil paintings which were created by Monet during the last 30 years of his life. They are now on display in museums all around the world. The dazzling complexity of colour and light in the panels opens the viewer’s eyes to the incredible diversity of nature and to the depth and mystery of the life it sustains. An amazing thing about these works is that Monet’s eyesight was badly deteriorating due to cataract while he painted most of these masterpieces. Claude Monet’s water-lily paintings are among the most recognized and celebrated works of 20th Century art and they perhaps the most famous flower paintings of all time.

Today I would like you to spend some time at a famous art gallery, The National Gallery in London. Obviously we cannot actually go to visit the gallery in person but I thought you might like to take a virtual tour (follow the link above and select the virtual tour). See if you can find the Monet's paintings in Room 43 and then explore a bit. You might be surprised to find a familiar tiger hiding in Henri Rousseau's painting in Room 45. 

Enjoy the visit to the gallery. I have two technical challenges for you. 

1. Select any painting that grabs your attention and make your own copy or version of it. Explain why you selected the painting and if you can give some brief facts about the original.

2. Super Challenge Warning! Mr Smith has worked with you to develop some skills using the Sketch Up software. If you think you would like to try it out, follow the link and have a go at building your own mini gallery like the galleries you have seen on your tour of The National Gallery. Are you able to put the nature pictures Year Five have created on display? This is a really challenging task - some of you might like it but please don't feel bad if you don't want to have a go at it.

I hope that you have a nice day. Try to have a go at all of the tasks - let me know if there is too much work and I can make sure we take it a bit easier tomorrow. 

Mr Ward.




Hello Year Five

The first thing to say is that I hope you and your families are well. It will take a little bit of time to get used to the new arrangements required due to the current outbreak of Coronavirus and the measures being taken to protect us all. This obviously includes the fact that the school has been closed for the time being, which means that you will be learning from home for a while.

This means that you will have some tasks set for you each day and that you will be in control of how you work on them. The reason why work will continue to be set is that while you are at home it will be important to look after three things as much as possible: your health, your body and your mind. This will be important for everybody in your home and you have an important part to play in helping your parents and carers - by keeping to a routine.

You should try to get ready for the day so you are fresh and all set to work.. Try your best to do the activities that are set and talk to your parents about what you are doing. There are also lots of ideas for activities in the Home Learning booklet. 

You and your parents can contact on the email address that is on the Home-learning Booklet. Please let me know how you are and ask any questions you might have. 

Any work you do can be done on the exercise book that you have been given. Try to work as neatly as you can and think about how you use the space carefully. Remember to write in the date neatly before you start work. I will give you lots more information over the next few days but for now I want to tell you that I am thinking of you all and that we will get through these difficult and strange times together.   

Mr Ward



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Today's Tasks Friday 27th March

Good morning. I hope you are well and for those of you who have somebody close to you who needs a bit of extra assistance at the moment then I am certain that we are all sending our love and best wishes. I know that this week has been a strange one, but I have been so impressed by all the amazing messages I have received from you, sharing the work and activities you have been doing. One of you sent me a message reminding me to keep washing my hands properly and it reminded me that the most important thing at the moment is to try to stay healthy, and trying to keep your brains and bodies active is one part of staying healthy. By doing what you and your parents have all been doing you really are playing your part in helping out the whole country to get through these difficult times. You may well have been one of the very many people who went out onto your doorstep last night to clap and cheer for the front line workers who are helping people to stay healthy or to get better. This was an inspiring act of community solidarity, and we will need lots of more of this in the future weeks. Today is Friday, which is normally a time for Achievement Assembly; this week I think you are all the Achievers of the Week - so please feel free to have a little assembly at home, you will need a certificate and don't forget to do your House Team dance (your parents will need to join in too!). 

 Enjoy this morning's workout with Joe - follow the link below.


Yesterday, my favourite part was when his daughter, Indie, came to join in with the activities. I know lots of you are sharing the workout with your parents too. It was a reminder that everybody is in their own home at the moment and Joe Wicks is just one of the amazing people offering their support for free - you may have found some great activities online that you might like to share so if you like you could send me a message about them (I am going to try and join an online choir this week).

  • Maths Yesterday I was playing with a football in the garden but my skills are a bit rusty at the moment and I nearly kicked the ball into a window! I thought that if it had smashed I would have needed to try and get it fixed. This would have meant that I had to measure the size of the window so I knew what size glass to try and buy. Today I challenge you to find out the total area of all the windows in your home. Most windows are rectangular so you will need to remember that :                                                                                                                                                                                      the area of a rectangle is found by multiplying the length by the width (Area = l x w )

If any of your windows are a different shape you might have to estimate their size - perhaps you could think about how the shape could be made up from smaller rectangles. (If you are really adventurous you might want to look up the formulas for finding the area of any non-rectangular shapes.)

  • Have a go at today's lesson on decimals as fractions (2) https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ (you might have to follow the link below or type this in today as my computer is not working brilliantly and I cannot paste the link in properly!) The first few questions might need you to draw out a hundred square box - you might prefer to just talk this through with a parent instead of drawing it out.
  • EnglishI am looking forward to getting your stories so I can read them all. If you are able to finish them today including some editing (with your parents) that would be great. I hope you will be able to take picture of your story and send it to me on my email address so I can read them (and tell you how amazing they are!).
  • Spellings I know lots of you have been missing your spellings practice so here are some dictation sentences for you to use to teach your parents with. Remember you read, they read, you both read, and then cover and write.

Spelling Dictations -ant       

Spelling Dictations -ancy

  • Français Madame Elena aurait normalement été pour vous voir aujourd’hui et elle vous envoie son amour à tous. Elle m’a donné une feuille d’activité avec beaucoup de petits projets pour vous d’avoir un aller à si vous voulez. S’il vous plaît ne vous sentez pas comme vous avez besoin de se précipiter et de les faire tous tout de suite, mais ils sont là pour vous d’avoir un coup d’oeil à si vous pensez que ce serait une chose amusante à faire.


  • French Madame Elena would normally have been in to see you today and she sends her love to you all. She has given me an activity sheet with lots of small projects for you to have a go at if you want to. Please don't feel like you need to rush and do them all straight away, but they are there for you to have a look at if you think it would be a fun thing to do. 

Finally today I want to wish you a nice weekend - give your home teachers and yourselves a congratulations on  all the hard work this week - you are doing a great job and you deserve a rest. If you can send me a picture of your art work - I will put a slideshow on the web page over the weekend. 

I will set up a TT Rockstars challenge today against Year 6 so look out for your chance to join in (I haven't yet had a challenge from quite everyone but I think that might be because you are not sure how to do it - so if you go to the play mode and select Rock Slam -it is under the multiplayer option - then you can find me and challenge me. I might appear as Chuck Diamond or Mr Ward.)

UPDATE: The Challenge will begin from 13:00 today and will run until 13:00 next Friday. Good luck!

TT Rockstars

Have a good day.

Mr Ward.

PS If you look back here this afternoon I will post a game for you to play if you would like to see what would have happened with the remaining football matches in the Premier League this season.


Today's Tasks Thursday 26th March

Good morning Year Five. Thank you to all those of you who took the time to send me a message yesterday, it was great to hear from you all. For some of you it was even the first time you have have ever sent an email message. It made me extremely happy to hear that you are being so creative in your work. Keep it up!

I hope that you managed to have a look at the yoga yesterday, I must admit that I struggled a little with the tree pose but I expect that with a little practice I will get better at that one. I'm hoping to share a yoga story with you tomorrow so if you get a chance to have another go at it today, that would be great. 

The morning workout with Joe Wicks has been a brilliant way to start the day, but I think he got a little carried away yesterday when he started to leap up the walls!

Enjoy this mornings exercises at:  https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1

Today's Tasks

  • Maths. Get tuned up with some time on TT Rockstars. There are now so many of you improving on your scores that I think we are ready to challenge Year 6 to a competition. If you agree then let me know by clicking on the Rockslam section and challenging me. If I receive over 20 challenges then I will arrange a competition.
  • Decimals. Well done if you were able to access the video lesson about decimals yesterday. Some of you sent a picture of your work to me and it was clear that you are maintaining high standards in the way you present your maths. Super! You will have noticed that the answers are available next to the video link, so check how you did before you try Lesson 2 - Decimals as Fractions. Watch the video here and pause it when you need to and have a go at the questions on the activity sheet. White Rose Lesson 2 Questions
  • English. Some of you have let me know that your parents have been really good at helping you to think of ideas for adding detail to your story ideas, which I think will really help you to be adventurous in letting your imagination run wild. Your parents know you so well that they will be perfect writing partners and very thoughtful at giving you feedback about what you have written. Move on now to the next stage of your story. This is the section where there is a complication - the happy day turns into a peril situation. You will need to explain how the problems start and what might happen to the characters. The next step is for the hero to come to the rescue. In Bradley's stories Bartholomew always comes to Ronnie's rescue. I have added a an example below to give you an idea if you are struggling at all. Try to make this section exciting by including detail about the problem so that your reader is able to imagine a complete picture of the scene in their mind, for example by adding details about the sounds the birds might make. Read your work out loud to make sure it makes sense and try to find places where you might elaborate on what you have written. 

Ronnie is the china rabbit that is Bradley's favourite toy. She often likes to go for long walks in the mountains where she finds a lovely place to go for a swim - a deep blue mountain lake. 

The water looks so refreshing after her walk that Ronnie decides to have a nice swim. Unfortunately, on this day Ronnie swims too far out into the water and suddenly realises that she is out of her depth and begins to panic. She is all alone and cries out for help. The only answer she receives is the screech of a pair of birds circling high up on the cliff face as they search for a comfortable place to watch from. Just as she begins to think that the edge of the lake is too far away and that she might not make it out of the water, she hears the comforting call of her best friend, Bartholomew. He was out collecting mountain flowers and heard Ronnie crying for help. He tumbles into the water - he is a very good swimmer - and drags Ronnie to safety. 

If you get this done, the final part is to say what happened at the end of the story. This is the part where the events go back to being happy again. The hero and the toy they rescued go back to the original activity together and everybody celebrates. 

  • Art. I have been out in the garden today - I hope you are getting enough fresh air too. From my garden I am able to see a magnificent tree. The sunlight often makes this tree look like it is glowing - sometimes even on fire. On other days it seems dark and mysterious. It is always the same tree but every time look at it I seem to see something new about it. I hope that you have some art resources because today I would like you to spend some time really looking closely at a tree or flower you can see and making a picture of it. Many artists come back again and again to the same thing to draw or paint because they want to show something different about what they see; some artists like to show what they were feeling when they were making their drawings or paintings. Have a go at making a drawing with a message and then share it with somebody in your home. Can you explain the picture to them? Can they work out what you were feeling about the picture when you were working on it? Maybe you could challenge them to have a go at making a picture themselves. Here are a few pictures of what I found in my garden today if you need a bit of inspiration. Click here to see the pictures. You can use any medium you like: paints, pens, pencils. (As always, if you find that you haven't got the resources to do a task that is set, let me know so that I can try to help out.) 

Have a smashing day and if you get the chance, please let me know how you are coping with working from home.

Mr Ward


Today's Tasks Wednesday 25th March 

Good morning Year Five. Today, the first thing I would like you to do is to find somebody in your home who needs a nice smile - and give it to them. Please do not underestimate how important it is to look after each other at the moment, so let the person who gets your smile know that you love them. Then add a few thoughts to your journal that you have been keeping in your exercise book. 

Did you manage to keep up with the PE With Joe morning work out yesterday? My personal favourite exercise was the speed skating but I did laugh when Joe dropped his baby kangaroo during the log jump! Find today's work out by following this link -  https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1 

I hope you are continuing to read. At my home we have all found our own favourite little space to read; I wonder if you have your own favourite space. Let me know how you are getting on with your reading and if you have any good book recommendations that other children in the class might like too. The links below are to two sites which you might like to visit if you want to hear some great books read out loud to you. Have a look and see what you think.

 https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/ A free David Walliams story every day.

https://stories.audible.com/start-listen Lots of stories free to listen to from Audible, see if you can find one for you.

Today's tasks.

  • Maths Workout. Have a go on TT Rockstars. Make sure you have at least 10 tries at the Studio mode. I will check out your stats later today so that I can give you a personal target. (For those who challenged me at the Rock Slam and defeated me - just you wait!)
  • Follow this link to the White Rose website resources. We follow the White Rose scheme of learning at school and I will be asking you to use some of the lessons on their website to help you complete some activities. Click on this link to find the lesson video and then open the activity below. Follow the instructions and remember to write the work neatly into your book. 
  • https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ Lesson 1 video to watch. Follow the instructions.
  • White Rose Decimal Activity - (Decimals to 2 dp) Do the work in your book (neatly, please).


  • English. You must be eager to begin to write your Toy Peril story. Today you should focus on the first paragraph of your story. This is the part where your character sets out on their adventure. The have something they want to do and are happily going about their business. If your are struggling for ideas then you could use an example from Bradley Chalkers' stories - see below.

Ronnie is the china rabbit that is Bradley's favourite toy. She often likes to go for long walks in the mountains where she finds a lovely place to go for a swim - a deep blue mountain lake. 

  • You could write about Ronnie going for one of her walks - what did she see, how did she feel, what did she do along the way? Build up your ideas to show that Ronnie is having a lovely day. Don't introduce the trouble that she gets into yet - that part will come later. Edit your work to make sure that it is as good as you can make it. Perhaps you could set up your own editing station with an adult or sibling (you may have to explain to them how to do it.)


  • P.E. Wednesday is our normal day to see Mr Palmer so I am going to ask you to try out something new that you can teach him when you next see him. I would like you to follow the yoga session on the link below. It is a great introduction to some of the ideas and positions and very easy to follow. In the future I hope we will be able to use some yoga in our English work to act out some stories. 

 Click Here To Follow The Cat on The Mat    Enjoy the mindfulness!

Have a nice day and remember that you can contact me anytime via my email address.

Mr Ward


Here are the answers to yesterday's maths challenge. 







































 Today's Tasks Tuesday 24th March

  • Get ready for the day with PE With Joe. Click on the link and jo
  • in in with more than 800,000 kids who started their day at 9 am yesterday. Joe Wicks was on lots of TV programmes on Monday and so perhaps a million people might join in today. My favourite exercise was the kangaroo hop. 


  • Morning maths. More exploring required!

1. Multiply the number of doors there are in your home by the number of toilet rolls there in your house. 
2. Find out your postcode and multiply the numbers in it by by each other. Then multiply the answer you get by the number of spoons in your kitchen.

3. Find out the last 4 numbers of a telephone in your home. Divide this number by the number of toothbrushes in your bathroom.

Challenge: Add the answers to these questions together and work out the difference between that answer and 100,000.

  • Maths. 

Draw square grid that is 6 boxes across and 6 boxes down. There are now 36 squares for you to fill in. Starting from the first box in the top left hand corner and working across the first row write in these numbers:

2, 5, 7, 10.5, 13.7 and 17.34.

 Now on each row below you are going to fill in the boxes by following these rules for each row. 
Second row:

Add 4 to the number in the box above.

Third row:

Add 1.6 to the number in the box above.

Fourth row:

Subtract 2.38 from the number in the box above.

Fifth row:

Add 27.84 to the number in the box above.

Sixth row:

In each box write in the sum of all the numbers in the column to find a total for each column.

(The number one the bottom left corner should be 33.06. I'll give you the rest of the answers tomorrow.)

  • English. Begin to plan an adventure for your toy character that you created the fact file for yesterday. The story you are going to write will be a peril story and your toy is going to be the hero. Think about stories you have read which include peril - Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood or maybe The Gruffalo. They all include a hero who starts off happily doing something and then they get into trouble. They all end up in peril before being saved in some way. So your task is to plan out the sections of your story. 1.What is your character doing to start with? 2. What trouble do they get into? 3. What might happen to them because of this problem? 4. How do they manage to escape from the trouble? 
    Write out a plan for each of the sections in your book ready to use tomorrow. Be creative - your story idea should be one that you would like to read yourself.

Let me know if you are struggling with these tasks and I can give you some more guidance. In the meantime don't forget to send me a challenge on TT Rockstars. I would love to receive 30 challenges by the end of the day!

Have a nice day and don't forget to add a bit more to your journal.

Mr Ward.


Today's Tasks Monday 23rd March

  • Join in with the mass morning workout with Joe Wicks. Live at 9 am each day search for The Body Coach TV on YouTube to find a 30 minute workout called PE with Joe to get you off to a healthy start to the day. https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1
  • Maths scavenger hunt. Become a number detective and look around your home for anywhere that there are numbers written. (Maybe a clock on the cooker or a calendar, maybe you have a number on your t-shirt today.) Write down at least 12 numbers in your exercise book. Now add the first 6 numbers together and the next 6 numbers together. Then add the two answers together. The answer is your target total for a game. The challenge is to use any six of the numbers you collected and create a calculation that is as close to your target total as you can get. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide your numbers. (If you can't find any of your own numbers then you can use these - 3, 12, 33, 17, 8, 4, 80, 25, 6, 5, 100, 10)
  • The current situation is little strange for all of us. I would like you to write a little each day about what is happening and about how you feel about it. It will become a journal in which you will be recording an historic time. It will be good for you to spend a little time each day reflecting on how you feel.

Here is an example of what I have been feeling and what I wrote in my journal.

'Today was a bright sunny day. It is a bit of a shame that we couldn't go out, but our whole family have been self isolating for nearly a week now and we can't go anywhere. It was Mother's Day and also my wife's birthday today which should have been a big celebration normally. However, she has a been a bit unwell and so we had a quiet day; there was not even any birthday cake! We had fun trying to work out how to use a new app on the phone to speak to all of our family at the same time. Our family members live in lots of different places around the world and I often wish they were closer but it is always fun to find out what they have been doing.'

  • Read for at least 20 minutes. Let me know of you are having trouble finding a good book to read. 
  • Toy story. In the book 'There's A Boy in the Girls' Bathroom', Bradley acts out stories with his toys and trinkets. He has given them each a character and a background story. I would like you to find one of your interesting toys and create a fact file about it. Maybe you have a favourite Teddy that once played football, or a doll who likes to play with Lego and dreams of being an architect one day. Draw a picture of the toy and list all the interesting information you can about it. (Some toys come in pairs so feel free to do more than one fact file!) We will be using these fact files a little later in the week.
  • Skip for two minutes. If you haven't got a skipping rope then let me know. 

I know that you will also need to do other things to help your parents - like maybe making your bed or washing your dishes up - so that is all the tasks for today. Do your best but do not panic if you don't get them all done or if you are having trouble with any of the tasks. It will take a bit of time to get used to this new way of learning for all of us.

Remember to spend some time outside in the fresh air. See you back here tomorrow. 

Mr Ward.



Year Five have been exploring the rainforest this term. As part of our work, we have started to find out about resources and how they are traded. We decided to find out about the ingredients in lemonade. As a science experiment we found out how lemonade is made and then tested what the effect of reducing the amount of sugar content in lemonade would be on the taste. Once we made the lemonade, we all tasted it to see if reducing the sugar content made it less tasty. In general we did find that too much sugar made it too sweet for us and too little made it too bitter for us. We preferred the 'Goldilocks' lemonade - with just the right amount of sugar!  

Now we are planning to make lots more try to sell it to help people cool down in the summer sun. Watch this space for an update on our enterprise project.


Growing Success in Year Five

As part of our Rainforest topic work we have been finding out about the layers of the forest. To explore each layer we created a giant forest collage of our own. It was tricky work and we had to work together as a team to make sure we had all the coorrect parts required for each section. We soon realised that some people were better at different tasks and we arranged ourselves into a production line. The finished collage is on display in KS2.


All the plants in a rainforest are in competition with eachother. They are all trying to get the best sunlight.We have been growing sunflowers so that we can experiment with them. We want to find out if some plants actually grow more quickly when they have less sunlight. In a rainforest plants have adapted to grow very rapidly so that they can reach the sunlight in the higher layers. We are going to restrict the sunlight that some of our sunflowers get to see if it causes them to grow more quickly. What do you think might happen?


2016 has seen some important debates in Europe and America. In Britain, there was a referendum on membership of the European Union and in America there was a Presidential election. For the children of Year 5 these debates may well shape their future, so it is important that they begin to understand the process and values of democracy.

We have discussed the meaning of British Values; democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. After investigating the reasons put forward by the campaigns to leave the EU and to remain part of the EU, the children held their own referendum on the issue. Later, we explored the policies put forward by the candidates in the US Presidential contest and again held our own ballot. Our votes on these matters were interesting, but some children began to raise questions about why children are not allowed to vote.

Following this theme, we learnt about the development of democracy in the Ancient Greek city states. A lot of the principles we still use today in the way we run our country were developed in Greece more than 2000 years ago. However, we did find out that many more people were not allowed to vote back then, including women. Children were not allowed to vote and in many cities, they had to join the army when they were as young as 8 years old.

We also found out that some debates take a long time to be resolved. The British Museum has on display a group of marble stone statues and carvings. These are some of the most important sources of primary evidence about how the people of the ancient Greek city of Athens lived. They are referred to as the Elgin Marbles because Lord Elgin took them from Athens and brought them to England. There are many reasons why the statues should stay in England but the Greek government would like them returned to Athens, and there are good reasons for that to happen also. We debated the issue and then decided to write to the British and the Greek governments to persuade them to find a way to resolve the dispute.

These debates have been fun and the children of Year 5 have begun to see how important decisions are made.