Mrs Dowdall's class.

Year 4 Technology Titans

On Thursday 2nd May, four children from Year 4 attended the Technology Challenge at Oakmere School. Their challenge was to build a rollercoaster. They were given strips of card, and a frame with 4 supports. They had to make a complete circuit around the frame, before they could go on to make different turns and twists.

The children learned how to make corners and how to support their run. Working together as a team, Makaiyla, Scott, Julia and Shiraz put together a run which included a tunnel and sharp drop. Their design can be seen below.

Even more exciting, Ladbrooke were named joint winners of the event with St Giles. Our four representatives were fantastic ambassadors for Ladbrooke. Well done team!


Years 3 and 4 Travel Back 12,000 Years

On a day of very extreme weather, Years 3 and 4 travelled to the Chiltern Museum to experience life in the Stone and Iron Ages. This linked to their summer topic of Horrible Histories which covers both of these periods, before moving on to the Roman invasion after half term.

The children were well prepared with warm coats, layers and wellies, nevertheless we still came home soaked, but in good spirits from a very informative and enjoyable day. Year 4 started with the Stone Age and were greeted by Rebecca who had a good sniff of us to decide whether we were friend or foe. She thought we may be from the Bear tribe, but was happy to learn we were actually the Deer tribe, so took us to her camp. There the children learned how to make shelters (covering wooden frames with animal skin), face paint themselves to scare off wild animals and also add a bit of camouflage, make jewellery from twine and bone and also cook parsnips under the camp fire. All of these things being genuine activities from the Stone Age era. They also lit a cotton ball using a more modern ‘steel’, mimicking the flint used 12,000 years ago, whilst also being shown a fire bow – a tool used for turning sticks to create sparks from which the fire was lit. The children were able to handle Stone Age tools and weapons and try on animal skins. They learned that every part of the animal was used to show respect for the kill.

After a spot of drying out over lunch, we moved on to the Iron Age house where we were met by Kim and her friend, both of whom were from the Iron Age. They took us inside and proudly showed us their ‘cooker’, fridge, bed and other equipment. In those times the whole family lived together in the one room, for security and warmth. The children had the opportunity to whisk milk to make butter, grind grain to make flour, make a thumb pot from clay, and also make bread. By this time, the tools had become more sophisticated and outside was a smelting oven where the tools, including scythes, arrow heads, pots, chains and other metal objects were cast.

Despite experiencing thunder, lightning, hail, torrential rain, high winds and a tiny bit of sunshine, everyone had a very memorable and exciting day.

Can you identify the activities?




Good Morning Year 4.

Today in maths you will be working with mass, in other words how much things weigh.

The two measures that you will be using are grams and kilograms.

You have already looked at the measurement of length and distance and converted between metres, millimetres and kilometres, so you should be fine converting today's work.

Attached is the SC, which is the arrow diagram which we have used for the earlier measures, and have been practising a bit of in early morning work.Remember if you are converting from Kg to grams follow the RED arrow. If you are converting from g to Kg, follow the green arrow.

Your challenge today is to work through TYM page 83. Depending on your browser you may need to rotate the page.

Click here for TYM 83

The answers page will also be attached - but please don't cheat!

Keep safe and look at the other article about the English work for today.


Good morning Year 4.

Please follow the links below to your maths work today.

Maths 24 March

Worksheet medium

Worksheet hard


For your English today you are going to have another go at stretching sentences. Again this is something that you have done in class and I have attached below the 'Stretching Sentences' poster to help you. Basically you are using the 5Ws - Who? What? Where? Why? When? to give you reader all the information they need.

Your starters are:

The bullfrog croaked.

The rabbit hopped.

The giant roared.

Stretching sentences poster

Dear Year 4

I hope you got on well with your work yesterday.

Today we are working on converting units of capacity, so changing litres to millilitres. If you were fine with Kg to grams then you will be fine with this work, as there are the same number of smaller units (1000) in a bigger unit.

The sheet can be found here with 3 levels of challenge.

Ext: Ask mummy to find a measuring jug out for you and practise filling some containers and then working out how much they hold. The more you do, the more accurate you will become. So how much would a standard mug hold?

30l                300ml            30ml


For your English today, you will be starting sentences in different ways, using as many of the same words as possible. You may need to add one or two extra words, but no more than that.

Starting sentence:

The greedy dog charged down Darkes Lane, after stealing a link of sausages from the butcher. (determiner)

Charging down Darkes Lane, was the greedy dog, who had stolen a link of sausages from the butcher. (present participle)

Down Darkes Lane, the greedy dog charged, after stealing a link of sausages from the butcher. (Preposition place)

After stealing a link of sausages from the butcher, the greedy dog charged down Darkes Lane.(Preposition - time)

Madly, after stealing a line of sausages from the butcher, the greedy dog charged down Darkes Lane. (Adverb)


Now you try it. Your starting sentence is:

The young girl licked her lips madly, as the chocolate sauce dribbled down her chin.