Foundation 2 took an autumnal walk through the park to our local library. We were greeted by two of the staff and invited to gather in the children's section. The staff read stories and sang songs with the children and then gave them time to explore the books by themselves. The children were keen to delve into the shelves and select some books to look at. Each child was given a book called The Cave to keep. F2 thoroughly enjoyed the visit and many were keen to visit the library again with their parents.

Our new Reception children are settling into school life well. We have seen them making new friends, exploring the learning environment and developing independence.

Following the opening of our outdoor story telling area, the children have been sharing one of their favourite stories.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin...

This term we have been exploring storytelling as a way of developing communication and language skills. Telling and listening to stories helps with many aspects of this vital area of learning: for example, improving listening and attention skills; widening vocabulary; and learning the correct way to structure sentences. The ultimate aim is for children to become effective, creative writers themselves and they have begun this journey by mapping their own versions of well-known tales. Here are some of the stories that they created when we explored the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill.


Arrr! We be PIRATES!

Reception developed a passion for pirates this January as part of our Incredible Journeys topic. We were inspired by the book 'The Pirate Cruncher' to make our own eye patches, telescopes and treasure maps and the classroom took on a distinctly swashbuckling theme. Fortunately, those who had to walk the plank from our pirate ship role play area escaped the jaws of the giant octopus from the book. Many even lived to tell their tales in our Helicopter Stories sessions.

While we were thinking about boats, we investigated which materials floated and sank, then recorded our findings.