Flippin' Fantastic - March 2019

We had lots of fun making our own 'pancakes' this week. The children measured out flour, water and salt to make their own pretend pancake mix. They then flipped them using real crepe pans and counted the number of times they could catch them. The record was six!

Science week - February 2019

Supertato challenged Ladbrooke Nursery to find out how quickly the Evil Pea might be able to melt the ice and escape from the freezer. We experimented by spraying four different liquids at a block of frozen peas and timed how long it took. We also filmed each experiment so we could show you what we found. Here are our results.

Happy Chinese New Year! - February 2019

We love joining in with celebrations and had fun creating our own dragon dances while others drummed on boxes to provide the rhythms.


We looked closely at Chinese numbers and tried copying them with brushes in red gravel.


We learned that red is a lucky colour and so we made our Chinese lanterns with red paper.


cny4We even had a go at using chopsticks...although this was too tricky even for us so they were adapted using pegs. It was still a challenge and good for building the muscles in our fingers.



Vegetable soup - January 2019

This week we read 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French and it sparked a conversation about our likes and dislikes when it comes to vegetables. Everyone thought it would be fun to make vegetable soup so we got carrots, onions, potatoes and stock powder and had a go. The children used child-friendly knives and did all their own chopping. The soup was cooked and blended in a special type of kettle then the soup was taken home in cups to be eaten for supper. Mmmm, yummy.


Growing our beanstalks - January 2019

We have been reading books about growing, including Jack and the Beanstalk and Jasper's Beanstalk. This has inspired us to plant our own beans and observe what happens. We put butter beans in clear plastic cups with cotton wool and water.


We labelled them and put them on the window sill so they had plenty of light.



We measured beanstalks and used pretend ones to practise our fine motor skills too.



We also mixed blue and yellow to make our own green paint with which to paint pictures of beanstalks.