Children in Foundation Stage were thrilled to hear Miss Webster read ‘Room On The Broom’ when she officially opened its new outdoor Story Corner. Adorning the corner is a fabulous bespoke storytelling chair which was designed and made by David Friend especially for the school. Mr Friend kindly donated his time and expertise free of charge and asked that a donation be made to The Aplastic Anaemia Trust in lieu of the cost of materials.

The Magic of Metamorphosis - April 2019

To finish off our 'Ready Steady Grow' topic we adopted five caterpillars in Nursery and Reception - Scary, Sporty, Posh, Ginger and Baby. Just like in the story, these very hungry caterpillars ate and ate and got bigger and bigger. We examined them every day and discussed how they were changing. Eventually they crawled up to the top of their temporary home and turned into chrysalides. On the last day of Spring term, all five metamorphosised into Painted Lady butterflies and we watched and filmed the last one hatch. Sadly it was too cold to let the butterflies go on that day, so Mrs Doolan took them home and fed them with nectar, strawberries and nectarines until the weather got warm enough for them to be released.

Flippin' Fantastic - March 2019

We had lots of fun making our own 'pancakes' this week. The children measured out flour, water and salt to make their own pretend pancake mix. They then flipped them using real crepe pans and counted the number of times they could catch them. The record was six!

Science week - February 2019

Supertato challenged Ladbrooke Nursery to find out how quickly the Evil Pea might be able to melt the ice and escape from the freezer. We experimented by spraying four different liquids at a block of frozen peas and timed how long it took. We also filmed each experiment so we could show you what we found. Here are our results.

Happy Chinese New Year! - February 2019

We love joining in with celebrations and had fun creating our own dragon dances while others drummed on boxes to provide the rhythms.


We looked closely at Chinese numbers and tried copying them with brushes in red gravel.


We learned that red is a lucky colour and so we made our Chinese lanterns with red paper.


cny4We even had a go at using chopsticks...although this was too tricky even for us so they were adapted using pegs. It was still a challenge and good for building the muscles in our fingers.