In Reception, the children have been learning about life cycles.  They have watched ducklings hatch in nursery and have seen tadpoles emerge from frogs spawn and turn into frogs.  They were set the challenge of finding out about other life cycles and we were very impressed with what they found out and how they presented their work.  Take a look at their work below.


In Year 3 and 4, the children spend the Spring term studing 'In the Spotlight'.  This topic deals with all things connected with music and the theatre.

Here are some of the children's projects.


In class the children had been studying the book 'The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis.

Evie decided that she was going to design and create a new rown for the White Witch.  

The final piece is  stunning and she has even written instructions to explain how she made it.



 Following on with the theme of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Riley created a wardrobe with images from the story inside.

On the insides of the wardrobe, he has created programmes advertisign the story using his compuiting skills.


After going to see The Lion King in the West end, Charlotte decided to make her own Lion King mask for her project.

Many of the chidlren were lucky enough to see an ex-pupil perform in The Lion King as the young Simba.  This made the experience even more special. 


Pavel created the rose from the Story 'The Little Prince'.

The story is about a little prince who has come from another planet leaving behind his rose.  After visiting lots of planets he finds himself on Earth and looks for help to get back to his planet!

Praveen researched the comedy mask before having a go at making his own mask.

He has then written some facts about the mask.

Have you seen the masks anywhere?


Elena based her challenge homework on the book and show Mary poppins.  She created her own Mary Poppins using a doll and wrote about the differences between the film and the book.


Year 5 and 6 have been studying the fabulous topic of chocolate.  Here are some of their challenge homework responses.


Bella has created a chocolate advent calendar.

Sensibly she decided against putting chocolates behind the doors, instead she put an interesting fact.


Did you know that an average chocolate bar contains 8 insect parts!!!!


 Roxanne has written a chocolate theme story book for children.  

The book is illustrated throughout and tells the story of the child trying to find out who stole their chocolate bar.


 Zoe has based her chocolate themed story book on the well known range of books ...LThat's not my ....


The book is beautifully illustrated with different style wrappers to choose from.


We think this could be the next book in the range.


Aadi has made a huge model to show the process of chocolate making.

Each part of the process is written about and he has incorporated moving parts in his model.

If only his machine would produce real mini eggs at the end, it would be perfect!

Liam has created a fantastic story book all about Mr Chocolate.  


See what happens when Mr Chocolate comes face to face with the giant.  Who will come off the best.

Will good beat evil?


Defintiely worth a read




 Barney is a bear who does not like honey.  FInd out what happens to him as he goes on an adventure to find a food he likes.


I wonder if you can work out what he discovered?


 Being the smallest cocoa been in the jungle was hard!  Read Zak's story to find out what happened to this bean.


A beautifully written and illustrated story.


Have you ever thought what eating a box of chocolates might be like from the point of view of the chocolates?

Well, read this excellet book by Hannah to find out.

Ellie has written and presented a lovely book all about her brother George and his love of chocolate.



Sully hs created a fantastic chocolate making machine with full moving parts.  His machine even gives you the option of the type of chocolate you need.

Perhaps we have an engineer in the making here!


Year one and two have been finding out lots of fascinating facts about London.  I wonder how many of the landmarks below you will recognise and what you could learn about London from playing the games the children have created.


This is a model of London City Hall reated by Maxim in year one.

Wht do you think goes on in London City Hall.  


Next time you are in London have a look and see if you can spot it.  


 Rosie has made a lovely model of a London bus.  She has also written some interesting facts about buses.


Did you know that George Shillibeer began Londons first bus service in 1829 and the first buses were pulled by horses!


You will learn even more if you take a moment to read throgh Rosie's homework.


 Dominic has made a fabulos game all about London.  There are many excellent question cards that really test your knowledge.


Year one had a lot of fun playing his game in class and it also helped them to learn some new facts.


 Ali has made a faboulous model of Big Ben.


Can you see what he has used to make the model?


Looking at the clock, how long until Big Ben will chime?

Molly has created a game based on teh London Underground system.


The children enjoyedplaying the game.


She has taken a lot of care to cut out her cards carefully and write challenging questions on them.

Daisy has created a lovely mdel of Buckingham Place.


She has used clear plastic to surround the palace which has allowed her to include interesting facts about the palace.


Do you know who lives at Buckingham Palace?  

George has made a lovely model of a telephone box.  These were once symbolic of London Town but recently they have started to be removed.


George informed us that they were designed by Sir Gies Scott.


In some areas the red telephone boxes have been converted into mini libraries.  We think this is a great idea!

Scott has created a fabulous model of Tower Bridge.  He has also written about the bridge.


The bridge has been cleverly made out of polystyrene blocks.

Lukas spent a lovely day up in London with his family visiting many of the iconic London landmarks.

He then created this beautiful board showing where he went and what he did at each point.

He must hve walked many miles on this day but it certainly looks a lot of fun!

After learning all about the Fire of London in class, Amber decided to created a 3D image of the Fire of London.


It is very effective and cleverly put together.


Who knows where the Fire of London started?

As part of the topic, the children thought about what London would be like in the future.

Erin decided to create a bus of the future.  His design is certainly a lot more colourful than the usual Lond buses.

Would you like to travel in a bus like this?

Having celebrated the Olympics in London in 2012, Jamie went with an Olympic theme for their homework.

He created an olympic torch using various types of paper and created the iconic Olympic rings from clay.


How often are the Olympic Games held.  Where were the games held after London?



Take a look at some of the work the children have completed.  Perhaps we have a budding inventor in our midst.  I wonder what inventions are about to be created - maybe you have some fantatic ideas for the future.

IMG 4641 

Brooke decided to create a robot to help with all the household chores she hates doing.  On the robots chest is a number panel and each number relates to a diferent houselhold job.  For example if you press number one, the robot will do the washing up.

I don't know about you but I would love one of these robots in my house and I love the bright colours she has chosen for her robot.

If you had a robot at home, what nine tasks would you chose to program the robot to do?

 IMG 4642 IMG 4643 
 IMG 4644  IMG 4645
 IMG 4646

Riley has create the Riley Roo Poo Loo.  It has features such as a motion sensor flush, adjustable height, a built in health scanner, music system and a fish top in the cistern.

He also reserached all about toilets and presented his work in the shape of a toilet seat - very imaginative!

It is amazing all the different things I learnt from reading his work.

IMG 4647

Roxanne has created a timeline of medical inventions and pioneers.  She has presented her work beautifully in a simple timeline that is easy to follow and very intersting to read.

Did you know that Aspirin was discovered in 1897, Earle Dickson invented the band aid and the first kidney transplant was performed in 1954.

Medical advances continue to develop all the time, I wonder what we will see in the next 100 years.

IMG 4648

Lauren has created a car for the future.  The most significant feature of her car is its ability to fly.  Sh has also included lots of other feaures as standard, from TVs in the back and a revolutionary shaped steering wheel.

WIll flying cars see an end to traffic jams or will we just create more congestion in the sky?  Who knows?