Read Write Inc (RWI) is an exciting systematic phonics scheme designed to support the teaching of reading and writing. The teaching of phonics begins at the end of nursery and continues until the end of year 2. Initially the class are taught as a whole focusing on recognising sounds, blending them together to read and being able to write the letters correctly (lower case letters only). After a few weeks the children are assessed and grouped for phonics. This allows for children to be challenged and supported effectively. Each group is led by a specially trained member of staff who delivers well paced, engaging lessons which quickly enable children to become independent readers.  If you would like to know more about the RWI phonics scheme, please click on the link to access the Ruth Miskin RWI Site

Each year we hold a meeting for parents to discuss how our reading and phonics is taught.  Please take a look at this presentation from the evening.

English, like numeracy is taught in blocked units. When the children have completed the RWI programme detailed above, the children extend their knowledge of different types of writing styles, including narrative, reports, persuasion, argument, recounts, plays and instructions. Across the school children are introduced to a selection of motivating modern children's classics such as Goodnight Mister Tom, Skellig, The Butterfly Lion and the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. They then apply the writing and reading skills they have been taught to complete a rich variety of tasks which are based upon these wonderful books.

Please click on the relevant year group/s to see a yearly overview of the objectives taught:

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