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After a very exhausting sports day it was lovely to see so many of our netball team ready to take on the challenge of a game against parents and staff on Thursday 16th July.

To make up the adult team, older brothers, mums and dads were ably assisted by Mrs Corke, Miss Webster, Mr Ward and Mr Smith. As you can see from the photos, the adult team had a distinct advantage in height, although the highlight had to be when Mr Ward, as goalkeeper, lifted our year 3 goal shooter so she could score the final goal!

Some of the dads needed reminding about the distance rule, but revealed a natural talent for the game, even if the bibs were a little on the small side.

Thank you to all those who took part. Sadly we say goodbye to some of our most experienced players from Year 6 who have bravely battled all weathers to train and play matches. I hope they will continue their enthusiasm for the game as they move on to secondary school. Well done girls!