Together we raised £240 for FOLS.  Thank you to all the parents that kindly sent in donations.

FOLS are pleased to announce that the balloon that travelled the furthest out of Ladbrooke School was:

Loopy Lou!

Overall race position 91 - travelling 1,818.94km

Congratulations to  Freya Thomson

FOLS would like to thank everyone who purchased a balloon and for your continued suppport.

We raised £320.30!


Who will win?

TT Rockstar Battles have been set between Year 3 and 4 and also between Year 5 and 6 for this half term.

The battles will commence on Monday 26th at 9am and finish Friday 30th at 6pm.

In order to win, you just need to log on and play, as many times as you can, during this period. 

I will be analysing the results when we return to school and letting you know who won!

Winners will get extra playtime and a merit.

Good luck

Times Tables Rockstars October update

Don't forget to check on the updated Top 30 list for both TT Rockstars and Numbots.

This can always be found at the bottom of the Maths Curriculum page or at the bottom of this news story this week

Find out where you are on the list. Has your time improved?

What status are you? Rockstar? Headliner? Breakthrough Artist?

Keep working hard on your times tables

TT Rockstars Top 30

Numbots Top 30

Coming back to school I was very nervous following the long break, but all the lovely kind teachers welcomed us back just like they always do at the beginning of the year.  Mixed with nerves we felt excitement about the year ahead.  When entering the school gates, I realised things were not going to be as we knew them, but I was still thrilled to be back.