Year 5 and 6 have been studying the fabulous topic of chocolate.  Here are some of their challenge homework responses.


Bella has created a chocolate advent calendar.

Sensibly she decided against putting chocolates behind the doors, instead she put an interesting fact.


Did you know that an average chocolate bar contains 8 insect parts!!!!


 Roxanne has written a chocolate theme story book for children.  

The book is illustrated throughout and tells the story of the child trying to find out who stole their chocolate bar.


 Zoe has based her chocolate themed story book on the well known range of books ...LThat's not my ....


The book is beautifully illustrated with different style wrappers to choose from.


We think this could be the next book in the range.


Aadi has made a huge model to show the process of chocolate making.

Each part of the process is written about and he has incorporated moving parts in his model.

If only his machine would produce real mini eggs at the end, it would be perfect!

Liam has created a fantastic story book all about Mr Chocolate.  


See what happens when Mr Chocolate comes face to face with the giant.  Who will come off the best.

Will good beat evil?


Defintiely worth a read




 Barney is a bear who does not like honey.  FInd out what happens to him as he goes on an adventure to find a food he likes.


I wonder if you can work out what he discovered?


 Being the smallest cocoa been in the jungle was hard!  Read Zak's story to find out what happened to this bean.


A beautifully written and illustrated story.


Have you ever thought what eating a box of chocolates might be like from the point of view of the chocolates?

Well, read this excellet book by Hannah to find out.

Ellie has written and presented a lovely book all about her brother George and his love of chocolate.



Sully hs created a fantastic chocolate making machine with full moving parts.  His machine even gives you the option of the type of chocolate you need.

Perhaps we have an engineer in the making here!