Year one and two have been finding out lots of fascinating facts about London.  I wonder how many of the landmarks below you will recognise and what you could learn about London from playing the games the children have created.


This is a model of London City Hall reated by Maxim in year one.

Wht do you think goes on in London City Hall.  


Next time you are in London have a look and see if you can spot it.  


 Rosie has made a lovely model of a London bus.  She has also written some interesting facts about buses.


Did you know that George Shillibeer began Londons first bus service in 1829 and the first buses were pulled by horses!


You will learn even more if you take a moment to read throgh Rosie's homework.


 Dominic has made a fabulos game all about London.  There are many excellent question cards that really test your knowledge.


Year one had a lot of fun playing his game in class and it also helped them to learn some new facts.


 Ali has made a faboulous model of Big Ben.


Can you see what he has used to make the model?


Looking at the clock, how long until Big Ben will chime?

Molly has created a game based on teh London Underground system.


The children enjoyedplaying the game.


She has taken a lot of care to cut out her cards carefully and write challenging questions on them.

Daisy has created a lovely mdel of Buckingham Place.


She has used clear plastic to surround the palace which has allowed her to include interesting facts about the palace.


Do you know who lives at Buckingham Palace?  

George has made a lovely model of a telephone box.  These were once symbolic of London Town but recently they have started to be removed.


George informed us that they were designed by Sir Gies Scott.


In some areas the red telephone boxes have been converted into mini libraries.  We think this is a great idea!

Scott has created a fabulous model of Tower Bridge.  He has also written about the bridge.


The bridge has been cleverly made out of polystyrene blocks.

Lukas spent a lovely day up in London with his family visiting many of the iconic London landmarks.

He then created this beautiful board showing where he went and what he did at each point.

He must hve walked many miles on this day but it certainly looks a lot of fun!

After learning all about the Fire of London in class, Amber decided to created a 3D image of the Fire of London.


It is very effective and cleverly put together.


Who knows where the Fire of London started?

As part of the topic, the children thought about what London would be like in the future.

Erin decided to create a bus of the future.  His design is certainly a lot more colourful than the usual Lond buses.

Would you like to travel in a bus like this?

Having celebrated the Olympics in London in 2012, Jamie went with an Olympic theme for their homework.

He created an olympic torch using various types of paper and created the iconic Olympic rings from clay.


How often are the Olympic Games held.  Where were the games held after London?