Take a look at some of the work the children have completed.  Perhaps we have a budding inventor in our midst.  I wonder what inventions are about to be created - maybe you have some fantatic ideas for the future.

IMG 4641 

Brooke decided to create a robot to help with all the household chores she hates doing.  On the robots chest is a number panel and each number relates to a diferent houselhold job.  For example if you press number one, the robot will do the washing up.

I don't know about you but I would love one of these robots in my house and I love the bright colours she has chosen for her robot.

If you had a robot at home, what nine tasks would you chose to program the robot to do?

 IMG 4642 IMG 4643 
 IMG 4644  IMG 4645
 IMG 4646

Riley has create the Riley Roo Poo Loo.  It has features such as a motion sensor flush, adjustable height, a built in health scanner, music system and a fish top in the cistern.

He also reserached all about toilets and presented his work in the shape of a toilet seat - very imaginative!

It is amazing all the different things I learnt from reading his work.

IMG 4647

Roxanne has created a timeline of medical inventions and pioneers.  She has presented her work beautifully in a simple timeline that is easy to follow and very intersting to read.

Did you know that Aspirin was discovered in 1897, Earle Dickson invented the band aid and the first kidney transplant was performed in 1954.

Medical advances continue to develop all the time, I wonder what we will see in the next 100 years.

IMG 4648

Lauren has created a car for the future.  The most significant feature of her car is its ability to fly.  Sh has also included lots of other feaures as standard, from TVs in the back and a revolutionary shaped steering wheel.

WIll flying cars see an end to traffic jams or will we just create more congestion in the sky?  Who knows?