In the Spring Term 2015, year one and year two were finding out all about life in space and life long ago.  Their challenge homework was all connected with finding out more about space and we were amazed with all the different projects they came up with from information booklets, models of rocjkets and space station.  They have certainly brightened up the area outside year one and year two.  Take a look below at some of the projects completed.  Perhaps they will give you some ideas for projects


 IMG 4632

Sabera has created here space shuttle using recycled marterials and lots of colourful materials.  She has called her shuttle Ladbrooke SR1.

The shuttle boasts three boosters, soloar panels for energy and its own garden for food.

 IMG 4633

Kenny has created a wonderful rocket that reminds me of the rocket on Button Moon (for all those of you out htere old enough to remember the programme)

I like how he has used diferent materials and the foil window makes me want to look inside.  I think it would be a very comfortable ride into space.

 IMG 4634  IMG 4635  
 IMG 4636

Emma visited the science museum and found out lots of information about space and astronauts.  She combined all her information into a book and used her best joined up handwriting to present her work.

Her book contains sections on spacesuits, weightlessness, work and sleep, going to the toilet and eating and drinking.

I wonder what eating an ice cream sandwich was like?

IMG 4637

Tom has created a fact board all about space. In addition to this, he has built a fabuolus shuttle which will be on display soon in the reception area.

He fact board gives lots of different facts about the different planets and also reminds us how to remember their order.  Do you know the order of the planets from the sun?  Do you have a clever way of remembering them?

IMG 4638

Mehmet has created a space shuttle and a launch pad.  He has also written a booklet all about a journey into space.


Can you work out what Mehemt has used to make his rocket?  What shapes can you see? 

IMG 4639

 Bradley has created a wonderful space scene in a box.  He has decorated his box with lots of facts and even created a set of instructions on how to make a rocket so other people can make their own at thome.

He has also written a poem about a rocket being launched.

IMG 4640

Luke has created a space scene in a box.  He has made sure all his planets are in the correct order and his rocket will move across the sky.

If you could visit a planet, which planet would you like to visit?