During the Autumn Term 2014, year one and year two have been learning all about their bodies.  For their challenge homework they were set the challenge of finding out about different parts of their bodies.  It was up to them which body part they chose and how they presented their work.  we thought their ideas were very clever and they found out all sorts of interesting facts.

IMG 1039 

Daisy in Y1 decided to find out about her skeleton.  She very

cleverly used cotton wool buds to represent the bones.  She then

wrote different facts telling us how she could keep her body



What do you know about keeping healthy?  Can you read her

poster to see if you agree with her facts?


How many bones are there in our skeleton? 

 IMG 1040

 Pavel has also found out about our bones.  he has presented

his facts behind windows to add an extra dimension to his work.

We have all enjoyed opening the windows to see what facts are 

behind them; so much so that they now wont stay shut.


Take a look at his work on the main display in the hall

(available at  the start of the Spring Term).  How many of the

facts didyou know?


What new facts have you learnt from reading his work?

 IMG 1041

 Ella has completed her homework on the eye.  Her beautiful

work is made up of different layers which unfold.  With each

new layer comes a new fact about the eye.


Why not try this experiment?  Sit facing a friend and close your 

eyes tightly.  Count to 20 and then open your eyes. Look into

your friends eyes.  What do you notice about the pupils?  Can

you think why this happens?

 IMG 1043

Zac has made a model of the mouth, oesophagus and lungs.

Can you see the pink sponge tonge inside the mouth?  he has

labeled each part of his model to show how our we are able to



We think it must have been very challenging to show all the 

different parts and we are very impressed that the balloons

have stayed inflated.

IMG 1044

Woody has been finding out about his amazing brain.  not only

did he create a lovely model of a brain, with labels showing

which parts of the brain control different areas, he also created

a bright and colourful poster.


The poster has 10 interesting facts.  If you want to see it, it is

on display (Spring 2014) in the main office area.


Did you know that your brain weighs about 3 pounds!


IMG 1045
IMG 1046

Tharush created this lovely poster all about teeth.  he has

included some interesting facts and made sure we are all clear

about how we can keep our teeth healthy.


Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day?

Do you eat healthy foods and avoid too much sugar?

Do you visit your dentist regulalry?


If you answer no to any of these then maybe your teeth are

not as healthy as they could be!