Year three and year four have been learning and celebrations and cultures from around the world.  As part of their topic they have been given a choice of homework activities.  We are very excited as the first few projects are beginning to trickle in.  Have a look below at the choices the children had and then take the time to see what fantastic work has already been submitted.  



Some finished projects

IMG 4480 

Daisy has been finding out about French food.

Her beautiful display shows what she has found out.

We love the fact that she has used real snail shells as part of her project.Can you read what the snail on the lid of the basket is saying?

 IMG 4481

Oliver has worked hard finding out about the Innuit people and researching what food they eat.

He has presented his research in a fabulous booklet and then made a plate of food out of clay.

Do you think the Innuit's have a healthy diet?

 IMG 4483

Zoe has completed a fabulous booklet all about houses around the world.

She has written about a variety of different houses and thencreated a model of one of the houses.

Do you know where they model house would be found in the world? If not, where do you think you can look?

 IMG 4484

Celina has created a model of enchiladas.

Do you know where in the world these are eaten?

Look carefully at the models, they are so realistic I am almost tempted to eat them!

IMG 4482

Evie has completed her research on houses around the world.

She was particulalry interested in houses in coldcountries and found out about igloos.

She then made a beautiful model to accompany her work.

Maybe you could try building an igloo next time it snows. I wonder how challenging it might be?

IMG 4485  IMG 4487 
 IMG 4506

Riley researched chinese shadow theatres and decided to tell the story of The Dragon's Pearl using the same techniques.

He made all the puppets (with all the family getting involved) and then acted out the story to create the story board.

I have heard how much fun they had making it and we have all enjoyed having a go at making the puppets tell a story.