In the Autumn Term 2014, Year five and six were finding out all about Ancient Greece.  They were set special challenge homework connected with their learning, we hope you enjoy looking at some of their projects.


IMG 4471


Here are some examples of the work carried out by the children - ENJOY!


IMG 4455 

After completing some research on what a rich Ancent Greek house

would have looked like, Lauren has created a model of a house.


What rooms can you identify?

Would you like to in a house like this? 

 IMG 4456

Shania found out about Ancient Greece and chose a novel way to 

present it by making a 'Fortune Teller' to present her research.


She has also included quizzes in her piece of work, why not see if you 

can answer all the questions.

 IMG 4434

Samad chose to look at the legacy of the Ancient Greeks.  His

beautifully presented poster shows just how many things we have in

our world today that date back to the lives of the Ancient Greeks.


Can you use his poster to write your name using Ancient Greek


 IMG 4435

Ella chose to research all the different shapes that the Ancient Greeks 

used to make pots.  Her beautifully presented display shows the 

different pot shapes and she has made each one beautifully and

written about each shape next to it.


Which shape do you like the best?

Do you think they are all used for the same purpose?

 IMG 4448

Sully's model show how some Ancient Greek homes were over two 



What rooms can you see in this structure?

What rooms are different to the rooms that we have in our houses 


IMG 4445IMG 4446

Amy has made her own Greek pot and then written how she made the



Do you think you could follow the instructions and make a pot of your own?


Would your pot contain Greek designs or would you decorate it to tell a story?